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Learning In Primary 6

Blog and diary entries

In class, we have been writing blogs and diary entries about Amy Pond and Rory Williams. We had to think how the characters would act and feel and get this to come across in our writing.  When we had finished our rough copy (the draft copy), we had self assess our own work and then peer assess the person next to us.  This is the editing stage.  Once we had edited our work, we wrote it using a handwriting pen.  This is the published version.  It’s also much nicer to look over.


In maths we have been learning about fractions, decimals and place value.  For example, did you know that 10.6 – 0.9 = 9.7?   We have been doing some Maths Check Ups on fractions to make sure we remember all of the work. Some of us got them all right.  Others got only 1 or 2 wrong, so we all think we’re understanding fractions and decimals.


Bellsqurray played St Ninians in our first football match.  Although we lost the game, and the flood lights were not working, we all enjoyed playing.  We can’t wait to play our next game which Mr Hunter is trying to arrange.


In art we have been making a 3D TARDIS. We are now onto adding the window frames and cutting the doors. Soon, we will be finished our TARDIS and onto making things for our Christmas Fair.  We never stop in P6!

Erin, Sophie S and Scott K

Welcome to Fractionville – Primary 6

Question: Who invented fractions? Answer: Henry the Eighth or was it James the Sixth?

As you can see, fractions can be fun and interesting, but they can also be a bit confusing at times. 

In Maths, we have been investigating fractions.  We have been looking at the questions such as, ‘What is a fraction?’ and ‘Why do we need fractions?’  This led us onto words such as numerator and denominator and examples of where we use fractions in real life situations.  For example,

 ‘What does half time mean?’ 

 Time….. ‘Quarter past three, Half past six’ 

 Sharing….  ‘Splitting a chocolate bar in half’

 We also learned a new word, ‘Equivalent’, which means equal or the same as.  The clue is in the word, ‘Equivalent = Equal.  To help us with our learning, we used a Daily Milk chocolate bar to work out equivalent fractions.  Now it doesn’t matter if we eat half of something or three sixths of something – they are both the same.  But if Mr Hunter offered me two quarters of a chocolate bar or nine twelfths of a chocolate bar, I now know which one I would take… you?   

 At the end we all got 2/64th of the bar which was good!

 Primary 6

Bellsquarry Duck Race


A ‘Big Thank You’ to all parents in our Fundraising Committee for organising another amazing duck race.  It was fantastic to see so many parents and pupils at Murieston Water cheering on their ducks!  The winning duck was owned by Rosie Whisker from Primary 6.   So far, £280 has been raised for school funds.  Well done everyone!