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A fond farewell from Mr Todd

The time has come to say goodbye to the wonderful community of Bellsquarry Primary School. It has been a true joy and privilege to work with the children, staff, parents and partners of Bellsquarry over the last few years and I am overwhelmed by the cards, gifts and messages of support from everyone associated with the school. A heartfelt thank you to you all.

Leaving this wonderful school was a really difficult decision, but as I will still be working within the James Young High School Cluster it means I haven’t entirely left the Bellsquarry family – something which gives me some solace as I move on. I wish everyone well in their own journeys, wherever they may take you.

Good luck for the future, and thank you all.

Barney Todd

Please can I go to the toilet?*

This year we have had a fantastic year in Primary 4. Our highlights were:

Corrin: Sports day and racing against other people

Taylor: I enjoyed the high jump and long jump

Thomas: I loved the Vikings topic

Max W: I like the Daily Mile

Anna: Doing the All About Me PowerPoint

Kian:  The electricity science experiments and making circuits

Melissa: The All About Me PowerPoint

Sam: I liked the handball tournament

Ellie R: I enjoyed participating in all the activities in Health Week

Finlay: I liked the handball tournament

Alix: I like doing the blogs and reading what other classes are doing

Nathan: I liked Health Week

Erin: I liked having fun in PE

Charlotte: I liked the science experiments – they were all great

Evan: I liked learning about coordinates

Mark: I liked being the goalie in handball

Mia: I liked the Daily Mile because we got to go outside

Aiden: I enjoyed the handball and the 3 second rule

Luke: I liked doing lots of fun sports in Health Week

Max S: I liked the handball tournament

Kieran: I liked Boot Camp fitness at Health Week

Callum: I liked the Vikings topic

Chloe: I liked the All About Me PowerPoint

Katya: I liked presenting my PowerPoint

Kaitlyn: I liked learning more about my friends in the All About Me presentations

Josh: I liked the handball


We can’t wait until we get to Primary 5 and see what we will learn next year!


*The title is a running joke in our classroom!

P4’s sporty week

This week we have been very active. We’ve been doing our Daily Mile and had Sports Day on Thursday.  We all tried our hardest in the different races and are really proud of our winners:

Sprint race: 1st – Alix/Finlay, 2nd Melissa/Taylor, 3rd Erin/Max S

Sack race: 1st Rebecca/Finlay, 2nd Erin/Josh, 3rd Anna/Luke

Skipping race: 1st Kaitlyn/Finlay, 2nd Alix/Max S, 3rd Chloe/Max W

Egg & spoon: 1st Chloe/Corrin, 2nd Alix/Kian, 3rd Melissa/Callum

We can’t agree which was the hardest race, but it was either the sack race of the egg and spoon race – we either kept falling over or kept dropping the egg!

We’ve enjoyed meeting our new teacher in our new class and now are really looking forward to next year. We know that next year we have got the Inventors Challenge, a Titanic topic and our teacher is going to get married over the summer, so instead of Miss Scales we will be calling her Mrs McElhinney!

Well done to Alix for helping write this week’s blog!

A great read – thanks to all the parents!

Thank you to all the parents who have contributed to the appeal for new books for the class libraries. Mrs Gough came in to assembly this morning to present the books on behalf of the Parent Council and the wider parent body and the children were really excited by the new additions to their libraries. The Primary 4 children were a real help sorting and distributing the books to each class.

The new book really will help brighten up the class libraries and will encourage the children to read more. It is great to see the wonderful results we get when the pupils, Pupil Council, Parent Council and wider parent body all come together to work to improve the children’s experiences at school: a huge thank you from everyone at Bellsquarry!

Primary 4 Health Week

This week we had health week, with loads of different activities – we are all exhausted!

Taylor: Health Week was amazing

Corrin: We had lots of fun with the big ropes at Boot Camp

Max W: I had fun with the big plough at Boot Camp

Ellie H: I liked Boot Camp – the tyres were really fun

Ava: I took 117 photographs in one day!

Melissa: I enjoyed Astro gymnastics the most

Evan: I loved Destination Judo

Finlay: I liked the judo because I got to flip Corrin over

Callum: I enjoyed tennis because I liked the keepie-uppies

Nathan: I enjoyed judo

Mia: I liked Astro because we got to do flips and cartwheels

Sam: I liked the football

Luke: I liked the judo because I learned lots of new moves

Thomas: I liked dancing

Josh: I liked the judo because we got to fight and I beat Mr Todd

Aiden: I liked judo because I got to pin Callum

Alix: I liked the dancing because I’m good at hip hop

Rebecca: I liked Dance Ihayami because it was relaxing

Katie: I enjoyed Boot Camp because I found I could flip the tyre on my own

Kieran: I liked Boot Camp because I could flip the tyre

Max S: I liked the ropes in Boot Camp

Charlotte: I liked the triathlon

Erin: I liked Boot Camp because we got to do different things

Kaitlyn: I never knew we could do so many sports in one week

Chloe: I liked Boot Camp because I could hang on the rope for 45 seconds

Anna: I liked the judo because I managed to get a point against Kaitlyn

Ellie: I enjoyed flipping the tyre at Boot Camp

Katya: I liked the street dancing – it was really fun

Kian: I liked the judo because I got to sit on Evan

Mark: I liked the tennis because of the keepie-uppies


As you can see, we had a great time!

Happy Easter from Primary 4

Rather than our look back at this week, let’s look back at the highlights of the term…

  • learning gymnastics – we can vault, roll and balance much better than before
  • in Art we’ve been perfecting our monochrome pictures and enjoyed making colourful spring flowers in pastels and chalk
  • we enjoyed representing the school at the cluster handball tournament where we found out that Mark was a great goalkeeper
  • we’ve almost finished our training on Sumdog ready to start our school competition next term
  • in Science we learned about water, the water cycle and solubility of different things – Miss MacKenzie also taught us to make jelly! – and enjoyed writing stories about a new super hero H2O in the future
  • we have learned how to measure length and how to weight things accurately
  • our Young Writer competition entries have been completed and we are really pleased with our stories
  • we finished our topic on Rivers and Mountains and presented our homework projects to the class; we also visited Almondell Park as part of our project – it was really fun learning how to measure the flow of the river and how long and deep it is
  • in ICT we completed our All About Me PowerPoints and presented them to everyone
  • some of us have been going to Snazzy Snackers to learn all about different foods and how to make them
  • a few of us went to represent the school at the Civic Centre on Commonwealth Day
  • after only a few months, many of us are beginning to fill up our Reading Passports as part of the First Minister’s Reading Challenge
  • we’ve finished our CEM testing

We just hope that next term is as much fun!

A big thank you to our parents

The recent Parent Council purchases for the school have now all been delivered and given out to the children. The Pupil Council (pictured) enjoyed having a look through the resources and then presented them to their class. These resources will help extend the children’s learning across the school in Numeracy and Literacy, as well as having an effect on their Health and Wellbeing and other areas.

The kinds of resources which have been purchased include iPads and a charging / storage station, reading books for all stages across the school, maths and numeracy activities and games, and literacy activities and spelling games.

The fundraising that the Parent Council has been doing has helped pay for these resources, so on behalf of the children in the school, we would like to say a big “Thank You” to the Parent Council for organising these events and for our wider parent body for supporting the fund raising initiatives.


Handball in Primary 4

This week we have been getting ready for our handball tournament. Connor, Liam and Robbie from JYHS came along to coach us in different skills: passing, movement and possession. Next week they will be back to work on these with us.

In Maths we’ve been learning to read scales in kilograms and grams and problem solving ready for our PATPAL. It was lovely to see so many parents come in and try to solve some of our work. We have been learning how number lines can improve our number sense and make out working out much quicker.

Miss MacKenzie has joined us this week (Rebecca thinks Miss MacKenzie is nearly as a good a teacher as Mr Todd!) and has been teaching us German – we can now answer the register in German and are looking forward to learning lots more.


Working hard in P4

In Maths we have been weighing objects using kilogram weights in the balance scales and finding out whether things are heavier or lighter. We have also been working on word problems where we have to work out what we have to do by finding key words in the question.

In our writing this week our Ten Minute Challenge was to write about a scene from Stand By Me where the boys are waiting to cross a tall railway bridge. We also wrote about the Greek myth of the spider-woman.

Our Vincent Scarpace fish pictures are coming on as we have continued to add detail.

We have learned a bit more about Fair Trade in preparation for our cluster get-together with P4s from other schools and will be practising our song in the next few weeks.

This morning we saw the highlights from the Primary 7 Burns’ Night and really enjoyed the singing, poetry and dancing. We have also drawn cartoons of Burns’ famous story of Tam O’Shanter and have been learning our poems ready for the Scots Poetry Competition.