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p4 performed a very enjoyable assembly last Friday along with P7 brass quintet. Mrs Poynter introduced each member of the brass quintet and they each had opportunity to talk about their instruments and play their competition pieces. P.4 then followed this with a demonstration of their learning in playing the Djembe and singing some African songs with drum and caxixi accompaniment.
Some people mimed the actions of an African folk tale along with music and song.

Primary 7

This week primary 7 have been practising our Burns Supper; we learnt two dances which were the Dashing White Sergeants and Strip the Willow. We had to pair up with a girl and a boy for Dashing White Sergeants and then Miss Hood would call out the instructions and tell us what to do next until we finally had it. Then for Strip the Willow we paired up with a boy or a girl and Miss Hood taught the ones who didn’t know how to dance it.
This week we also had Mr Bethune from The James Young High School come in to teach us science we talked about energy and forces . He showed us a trick when he used a flexible ruler to move a can and lots of other interesting experiments. He also told us the six forces. These are stop something moving, stop something moving, speed something up, slow something down, change the shape of something and change the direction of something. We are looking forward to our next lesson with Mr Bethune.

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We have had an interesting few weeks. We enjoyed The Vikings visit, especially the battle!!We learned how to use our shields as real warriors!
We are learning to play West African instruments and you can hear us beating our Djembe drums.Daniel is an excellent teacher and makes drumming enormous fun.
Thankyou so much Mrs Murray. We gained such a lot of information from your lesson about pet care. From now on we will be very aware of the serious issues in responsible pet ownership.

Primary 7

In Primary 7 this week we have started making our crafts to sell at the Christmas Fayre.  We have been busy sewing, gluing, cutting and folding! Please remember to come along to the Christmas Fayre on Friday 6th December and support us by visiting the Primary 7 stall.

We have also been planning a story with our buddies and are enjoying it a lot. Soon we will start to write the final copy of our stories on the computer and our buddies will draw illustrations.  The final copies will be shared with the nursery children. 

On Thursday we had tobacco education, it was lots of fun and we learned a lot about the health dangers of smoking as well as second hand smoke.

Last Friday we had a visit to the James Young High School to borrow a classroom. We did lots of activities and got used to the class room as well as doing normal school activities and next Friday we are looking forward to our next visit to start our transition topic of the Commonwealth.


We have been busy finishing off our Viking shields ready for our Viking Workshop on the 18th of November. Thankyou for bringing in all the cardboard to back the shields. We enjoyed some special Viking storytelling from Mr Williamston yesterday. We were a little afraid of these “Giants” though.

Primary 7

This week in Primary 7, we have been doing Halloween Problem solving. We had to work out the change from different prices and work out how much different things would cost added together e.g. witch hat and costume.
We have also been helping our buddies by reading to them, encouraging them to read to us and explaining the different features of a book like the author, spine, front cover, back cover, blurb and illustrator, also telling them to start reading from start to end.
By Lisbet, Jenna and Mandy