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Primary 7 Two Stars and One Wish

Although it has been a short week in Primary 7 we have achieved a lot.  Two things we are particularly proud of are:

* In writing this week we have been challenging ourselves to add ambitious words into our imaginative stories.  We also had to make sure we held the readers attention throughout the story.

*In maths we have been using skills we learned whilst doing place value to help us with our addition work.  These skills included estimating and rounding to help us find approximate totals.

Our wish for next week is to find out more about World War 2. Our goal is to find out how Britain was affected by the war.

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Primary 7

This week we created our class charter.  Together we agreed which rights from the UN Convention on the Rights of the child were most appropriate to us in our classroom.  We then discussed our responsibilities and Miss Hood’s responsibilities linked to each of the four rights we selected.  We used jigsaw pieces to create the display.  We each designed and signed our own jigsaw piece to show that we agreed with the charter and would follow this throughout the year.

Next week is maths awareness week and we will be taking part in lots of maths challenges.  There will be a sumdog competition running that we can work on in class and at home.

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Primary 7

Hello from the new Primary 7 class.  We have all really enjoyed our first week back to school which has been very busy.  Something we have particularly enjoyed this week is seeing our buddies again and supporting them through their first week at Bellsquarry.  We are looking forward to spending more time with them and encouraging them throughout their P1 journey.

Also this week we have spent time getting to know our new class teacher, Miss Hood.  We wrote pieces of writing about ourselves so that she could get to know all of us a little bit better.  These pieces of writing will form part of our first display in our classroom.

We are very excited about the year ahead and have so much to look forward to, such as camp, the Burns Supper and our class topics, the first being WW2.

Watch out next week for our next update!

Primary 7

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Primary 5

Yesterday we had an amazing day at Five Sisters Zoo. There was so much for us to see and do.  The weather was an added bonus too! We started our trip around the zoo by going to see the lions, as we had been told to go and see them in the morning as they would be awake! However when we got around to their enclosure they were fast asleep! When we went back in the afternoon they had moved….but were still fast asleep. The lions story really touched us and we are delighted that they are safe in their new home.

A highlight of the day was the handling session. We got to handle animals that we had never seen before like a tenrec, which looks like a hedgehog but is actually more related to an elephant!!

Here are some of our thoughts about the day:

“I liked getting to hold the different animals” – Taylor

“It was amazing to discover new animals that I didn’t know about” – Rebecca

“The meerkats were cute and fast. I named the baby one, ‘Usain Bolt'” – Charlotte

“I liked seeing Jupiter the reindeer because we were so close to him” – Emma

“The best trip ever!!” – Ruby

“My favourite part was seeing the lions.  I liked the wolves too!” – Leah

“I liked feeling the different animals. The snake was the best because it was so smooth” – Ben

“Playing tig in the park was fun!” – Maryam

“The Lost Kingdom was amazing.  I liked seeing all the animals, especially the alligators and crocodiles” – Aidan

“Holding the leopard gecko was fun” – Holly

“I enjoyed it when Aliya dropped her hat into the meerkat enclosure and they were very interested in it!” – Lois

“It was the best day we’ve had in Primary 5!” – Ellie

By Primary 5



Primary 5

This week in Primary 5 we have enjoyed preparing and practicing for our assembly.  We presented our Health Week assembly today to the rest of the school and received fantastic feedback from the other classes.  They particularly enjoyed our activity posters and watching our performance.

Also this week we have loved taking part in the Rookie Rockstar sessions.  Chloe and Glyn are amazing! They have taught us five amazing songs and we can not wait to perform them to an audience.  Yesterday we recorded the songs for the CD, we had to be very quiet when we weren’t  singing (some of us were better at that than others!).

Next week we are looking forward to our ‘Rockstar’ performances!

Have a great weekend,

Primary 5 and Miss Hood 🙂

Primary 5

Health week has already been so much fun, here is what we think so far…

  • ‘Judo was fun, we learned new moves and got to throw people over!!’ – Aidan
  • ‘In gymnastics, I enjoyed doing the backwards rolls’ – Ruby
  • ‘I liked the food activities on Monday morning, we got to cut up the fruit to make silly faces’ – Emma
  • ‘Indian dancing was so much fun because it was something I had never done before’ – Leah
  • ‘The best and most fun health week we have ever had’ – Rory

Tomorrow we will be attending Craigswood Sports Centre for the Witherby Sports Festival! Photos to follow 🙂


Primary 5

Primary 5

What a day! Thank you to those of you who attended our information morning. Big thank you to Mrs Kidd and Mrs Cooper for dressing up for the occasion.  Primary 5 would also like to thank Mrs McKillop and Mrs Kidd for making cakes and biscuits for us to enjoy, they were delicious.  Finally thank you to Mrs Hood for serving the teas and coffees.

We had a fantastic time, there was a real buzz in the room and we enjoyed showing off what we have been busy doing during our Titanic topic.

We also enjoyed sharing our Titanic shoeboxes with the other classes.  Throughout today we have received so many positive comments, about our acting and singing to the effort we have put into all our tasks and we are all feeling very pleased with ourselves!

Have a lovely long weekend everyone!


Primary 5

Primary 5 and I would like to wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday! Today we had a chat about what we are looking forward to when we are off and there are lots of exciting things happening.

We have had a fantastic term, I am very proud of Primary 5 and their achievements so far.  We have made great progress with our Titanic topic. We are all very much looking forward to continuing with our Titanic work after the holidays and presenting what we have been learning about at our Titanic ‘open morning’ (details will be confirmed after the holiday).

See you soon,

Miss Hood

Primary 5

This week we have been very busy…

Highlights this week have been:

  • writing descriptive poems about Spring
  • learning about compass directions in maths
  • attending the basketball festival
  • parent consultations

We had a great time at the basketball festival and played lots of games.  We have improved our basketball skills and will continue to work on these.  We took lots of photos on our shiny new ipads and will try to upload these soon.

Happy Red Nose day!

Primary 5