October 1st-5th in P5

Hello from Mia and Katie! This week we have been very busy doing lots of fun things!

In PE we had two classes, one with Mrs. McAdams and Miss Beestone. With Mis.s Beestone we have been learning to improve our pace during our circuit sessions, some of us have increased how many mountain climbers we can do in a minute by twenty! With Mrs. McAdams we have been learning how to throw and catch a ball properly so we can use it in handball.

In numeracy we have been interpreting and making our own graphs with Mr. Hunter. We have also been playing maths games to help us learn how to say numbers to 100,000 and to order and sequence larger numbers. We have recently learned about Number Talks and how we can talk about our strategies to achieve an answer. Everyone has different ways of coming up with an answer!

Our topic is rainforests. We have been regularly updating our own factfiles with information we have learned so far. We have been locating where rainforests are and using atlases to colour in places on the world map. Rainforests are usually found between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn lines.

In literacy we have been reading our class novel – How to Train Your Dragon. We have also been identifying the features of a letter and learning about how to write our own letters with different themes. We wrote lovely thank you letters to people we love.


Katie and Mia