Welcome back to school and nursery

Following an amazing effort by West Lothian Council Teams,  Bellsquarry Primary School and Nursery Class is able to  re-open to staff and pupils tomorrow (Monday 5th) and we are all excited to welcome you back.

Please see WLC School Closure Webpage  for more information, including regarding transport.

Breakfast Club will not be available for school or nursery children. The school lunch menu may vary due to obvious supply difficulties.

Parents should carry out their own assessment of whether it is safe for their child to travel to school from their home, depending on their individual circumstances. Parents should take extra care when travelling to school on Monday, especially as some crossing patrol staff may not be in place.

P1 – 7 pupils should enter via the west gate at the front of the school from 8.15 a.m. and go straight to the school hall.

Nursery children will enter the building from 8.15 a.m. through the normal nursery entrance where a path has been cleared.

Operational Services have cleared access paths to some doors, and ensured that all emergency exits are accessible.  Please consider your morning arrangements carefully as the playground is still full of snow, and the usual route you use may not be accessible. We appreciate your understanding and support with this.

Parking will be limited and we suggest that families may wish to car share. As per council policy we ask that parents do not bring cars into the school car park. The Elm Tree continue to kindly offer for parents to use their car park. They have requested that we do not obstruct their fire exit or entrance. Please adhere to the highway code when driving/parking as our children’s safety is paramount.

Many thanks for your patience and continued support. We are all excited about welcoming the children back and we cannot wait to hear all about their snow adventures.

Kind regards

Ruth McMaster, Head Teacher