This week in Primary 5

We have been very busy in p5 this week. We have been learning how to write an informal letter. All of p5 pretended to be highlanders and we were writing letters home to family and friends. In our letter we told family and friends that we were safe after our long journey and described what our new life was like.

This week was the Scottish poetry competition. Primary 5 finalists were Corrin, Ava, Ellie R and Kaitlyn. We were very proud of them all and a huge well done to Corrin!

Next week we have our basketball tournament we which we are very excited about.

P4 Researchers

This week in Primary 4 we have beenĀ researching information about rivers and mountains. We worked in groups and were able to choose a river or mountain that we wanted to find out more about. When we had gathered our information, we had to decide how we were going to display this. Some of us made posters, some made PowerPoints and some groups even made 3D models. We will finish these next week and display them with a world map to show where they are.

We’re missing Mrs Manning and want to say ‘Get well soon!’