P4 Poetry

Primary 4 have been working really hard to learn and recite Scottish poetry. All pupils recited their poem to the class with fantastic confidence, fluency and expression. It was very difficult as the standard was so high but Mrs Manning managed to identify 7 finalists within the class. The class were given the option to have the teachers decide the pupils to go through to the school final, the pupils to vote for them or for the class to vote with the teachers having the final say. The vast majority of the class decided we should use option 3 – a class vote with the teachers having the final say. We discussed how a vote should be anonymous and that pupils should not ask who voted for them or tell people who they voted for in order to keep the vote fair and confidential. Each pupil received 4 votes (as we have 4 spaces for the school final) and voted for their favourite 4 recitals using the following guidance.

  • Vote for your favourite recitals – not the people you are closest to
  • Look for expression, gesture, knowledge, Scots words, eye contact, facial expressions, pace, volume, actions, confidence
  • Think about variety of poems

Mrs Green checked that each of us had voted for four different people then counted and verified the votes, which incredibly matched the teacher decision! It was a very close result! Our 3 runners up receive a 5 house point sticker and a huge round of applause from the class for their terrific recitals. Our 4 finalists will go through to our poetry competition next week we can’t wait!

Well done to every one of our P4 Poetry Superstars – every pupil in the class did an amazing job!