P3’s Last Day of Term

Today in P3, we worked really hard on making our Personal Learning Logs really high-quality. We used Think, Pair, Share to come up with our ideas.  This means we spent some Thinking Time considering our learning and deciding what we wanted to talk about.  We then got into partners and talked about our learning, sharing our ideas and building on each other’s thoughts, which gave rise to some excellent discussions. Afterwards, we used the No Hands Up method to share our ideas with the class – Mrs Weatherston Sharma used the pot of lollipop sticks to pull out one name at a time so that everyone had an equal opportunity to contribute.  Mrs Weatherston Sharma collated the information on the board – here are the highlights.

  • In Maths, we were learning about Time and Money – Reese
  • We were learning about durations – Aaron
  • We were learning about hours before and after – Tara
  • And how many hours it takes to get there – Calum
  • We practised finding ways to make amounts using a certain amount of coins. If it was small coins, you need to use lots of them – Lee
  • In Church, we read poems and sang songs – Maha
  • We practised speaking in front of others – you need to be loud – Zoe
  • It was for Harvest – Jack R
  • Last week, Sean Batty came for the cake competition with the winner of Junior Bakeoff and Isla’s cake won for P3– Anna
  • We were learning reading – Cayden
  • We did exercises in PE – CL

We have had a really busy and productive term and we are looking forward to our October Break! Have a wonderful holiday, everyone.

Successful Learners in Primary One

What a week of adventure in Primary One!  Here is a list of just a few of our activities.   To write it all in prose would take chapters!

  • Money week
  • Special workshop about finance
  • Introduction of ‘two vowels walking’ in JP
  • Life cycle of a plant including planting beans
  • Woodland fairy walk with Eilidh
  • Harvest service at the church
  • Harvest assembly for the upper school
  • October poem for homework
  • Hallowe’en disco tickets
  • Dress down day

We are a very happy and excited bunch today and we all wish you a happy October break!