Life in Primary 6


Life in Primary 6 has been extremely exciting this week.  We’ve finished off all our assessments and been going through these to identify where our strengths are and which areas we need support in.  Most of us agreed we need to work on our times tables, division, fractions and conversion of units – then we all realised that they’re linked together and if we can work on one area –  our times tables – this should help us to close those gaps in the others areas of our learning in Numeracy.

On Monday we had a visit from ‘Voice Rocks’.  Voice Rocks is a group singing experience based on a ‘Rock Choir’ approach.  We did some warm up activities and then sang a song which you might recognise (see below).  The singing was taught by Jen Baird who told us how to sing in an easy-to-learn style which doesn’t need us to be able to read music, have formal training or have any understanding of musical theory.  Basically, we listened to the song, identified which areas were trickier than others and then sang the smaller parts of the song before putting it all back together.  

We also met Mrs Gilmour on Wednesday and she has been working with us on lots of things.  We’ve already started investigating road safety posters and identified the type of language used in them.  We have been working in two groups, taking our own designs and incorporating them into larger group designs.  Watch this space, we’re coming to get you………….