P1 Has An Epic Week!

For only four days, we have certainly done a lot!  We have had outdoor exercise with Primary 2.  We started our skipping project in PE.  We were building sentences.  We did a sequencing task in Science. We had a problem solving activity.  The most exciting thing was that we planted some bee-friendly flowers! Thanks to Benjamin and his family for providing seeds, compost and pots!  Please enjoy the photos from that day.  Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

P3 Coding

Primary 3 have been developing their first level computing science skills by learning about and using coding. We learned that coding is the language used to create computer programs. It’s a set of instructions that a computer can understand. In pairs, we created sequences of instructions then ran our programs to see if we could get the characters to complete a challenge.We had to use our problem solving skills, directional knowledge and perseverance to work out how to do it. Her is the link in case anyone wants to try it at home but please only do the Moana activity as we will be looking at the others over the next few weeks.


It was fun! – Lily-Rose

It’s good for learning dirctions like left and right – Zahra

It was hard at some points but we finally managed it – Evie

Some of it was problem solving – Liam

It was good to learn coding – Cameron

Some of the levels are easy and some are hard, we worked together to do them – Safiyyah

When we spotted the pattern it was good – Samuel

It was exciting – Harry

Primary 6 French teachers

In Primary 6 we are training to become French Primary School teachers. We have been set a challenge to work in groups and prepare a short lesson which we can teach to the rest of our class. The only slight problem is that it all has to be in French! Some examples of the things that we are planning to teach our classmates include: maths skills, art and design vocabulary, body parts and animals names. We have until the end of term to perfect our French lessons.

P3 Poetry – Young Writers

Welcome back to our summer term! Over the holidays Primary 3 pupils have received confirmation of the submission of their Once Upon A Dream poems for a Young Writers Competition. The pupils worked very hard to write their poems, used terrific creativity and incorporated many aspects of poetry within their work.

All poems will be published in the book providing the parental consent is given and the poems are returned. There is an option to buy the book, however, we do receive a complimentary copy in school so there is no requirement to do so. The pupils will all see their work in print when it is published (usually after the summer) which is a great motivator for writing. Well done to all pupils for their wonderful efforts!