Primary 5’s wonderful week!

Primary 5 have had a wonderful week…

In science, we have been investigating floating and sinking, which links to our Titanic topic. This week, we were experimenting with plasticine objects to test whether or not they would float or sink. We learned that it does not matter how much an object weighs – it depends on how much surface area an object has. Our plasticine boat floated and all of our other objects sank!

Also this week, we have been looking at dining aboard the Titanic. We learned about first, second and third class restaurants. First, we compared the first class dining saloon and luxurious Café Parisien to the third class dining hall. We then learned about the types of foods first class people would eat, and then used this learning to create our own first class menus.

In P.E., we have been learning to play a game called Castles. Two teams go head to head and the aim of the game is to knock down the other team’s castles. We have been learning to shoot, aim, pass, defend and position ourselves on the court correctly. Primary 5 have been enjoying playing this game and are learning a lot!

Primary 5 & Miss Hewit