Handball in Primary 4

This week we have been getting ready for our handball tournament. Connor, Liam and Robbie from JYHS came along to coach us in different skills: passing, movement and possession. Next week they will be back to work on these with us.

In Maths we’ve been learning to read scales in kilograms and grams and problem solving ready for our PATPAL. It was lovely to see so many parents come in and try to solve some of our work. We have been learning how number lines can improve our number sense and make out working out much quicker.

Miss MacKenzie has joined us this week (Rebecca thinks Miss MacKenzie is nearly as a good a teacher as Mr Todd!) and has been teaching us German – we can now answer the register in German and are looking forward to learning lots more.


Primary 5’s amazing fortnight.

Primary 5 have had an exciting couple of weeks.

Today the winner of our Inventors Challenge topic was announced. Congratulations to Ben and Corrin in primary 6 and Amy and Logan F in primary 5 who made up the team Building Blocks, and were the winners of the challenge! Their invention was a fantastic self-cleaning and self-heating shoe called Heatwave. Well done to all members!

PATPAL stands for Pupils as Teachers, Parents as Learners. On Wednesday we invited parents into school to demonstrate different problem solving activities and let parents have a go. We enjoyed sharing our strategies to our parents and had fun. We hope the parents enjoyed it too.

We have recently been learning about solids, liquids and gases as part of our science topic. Last Thursday, we participated in an experiment to cause an irreversible change from a solid to a liquid. We created icing by mixing icing sugar and water and used this to ice our own cupcakes. Primary 5 thoroughly enjoyed this experiment!




PATPAL afternoon in P6

Yesterday afternoon we invited parents into Primary 6 to see examples of the sorts of activities that we tackle as part of our problem solving work. We had a mixture of problems that needed us to spot patterns and use our mental maths skills. Our guests seemed to quite enjoy trying the different problems although we think that they maybe found some of them a little tricky! We enjoyed explaining our learning and our strategies to our mums and dads.

Supporting your child with maths and numeracy

Thank you to parents for coming along to our PATPAL afternoon. It was a great success. The children were very excited to show their parents and extended family about what they have been doing in mathematical problem solving.

Please find a link to our i-solve booklet and our power point presentation in the section “Information for Parents” (above right).

We would also welcome parents to give us some feedback via the following link to Survey Monkey.

Click here

Please find a link below to a slideshow of photographs from our PATPAL afternoon :

PATPAL Photo Slideshow


Thank you to everyone who helped to make our PATPAL (Pupils As Teachers – Parents As Learners) session this afternoon such a wonderful success.

The P2 pupils relished the chance to work on their skills in a different format and to show the adults that attended what they have been learning.

If you weren’t able to join us today, ask your child what they were doing in the session and if they can show you some of the skills they have been learning.

In this post, you can find some of the dozens of photos we took of the session.  You can also find the hyperlink to the document named “Patpal”  that contains the instructions for each of the tasks, in case you want to have a go at home!


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