Performing well in P4

This week has been possibly our busiest yet this year! We had our Aladdin performances this week and after a dress rehearsal and three performances (one which was a completely full house!) and we think that we are ready for Broadway now.

We’ve been estimating and measuring length in maths and practising using different instruments to help us. Apparently Mr Todd is 180cm tall and the classroom is over 6m wide!

In PE we’ve been outside enjoying the good weather: Miss Gray and Miss Paterson took us for some rounders – with a twist. They also had us trying to solve the human knot problem, which proved to be very tricky.

Hobbies were our focus for German this week – we have learned all about the things that are “gern” (we like) and things we “nicht gern” (don’t like).

A ‘pantotastic’ week in Primary 5!

This week we performed our Aladdin panto in front of audiences. In Primary 5 we had lots of important roles, for example: acting, organising props and cue cards, singing and dancing. We felt a little nervous about having a big audience but once we had started the show, it was good fun!

Today we have been designing invitations for our Titanic assembly next Friday. We based our designs on Titanic boarding passes. It was important that we remembered to include the 5Ws: why, who, what, when and where. We are looking forward to performing our assembly for our parents next week.

Babies in the nursery

Thanks to Hannah’s mum for bringing in Sophie to the nursery. We are a nursery, promoting breastfeeding and we thought it would be a nice idea to ask our most recent new baby for a visit. 20160505_095857 20160505_100306

Also one of our morning children decided to help out with our singing by bringing in her guitar. I think Mrs A better watch out or we may have a new singing sensation.Well done Zarrah!

20160505_083301 20160505_083307

All the other talented children in the nursery showed what they could do with a bongo.

20160505_083330 20160505_083456

Primary 2

In our topic work we have been sorting objects into living, non living and never lived categories.
We have also been finding out lots of information about a variety of minibeasts and used cutting and folding skills to make our own Bee bag. As part of our work in RME we have been learning about Ramadan and how the festival of Eid is celebrated. This week in Science we have been learning how different areas of our tongue help us to taste sweet, sour, salty and bitter foods. Next week we are going to carry out a “taste” experiment.

A wonderful week in Primary 5

We have been using our literacy skills to write newspaper reports about the Titanic and how it sank. We had to remember to include an orientation and reorientation in our reports. We are also going to add a picture and caption to our final copies.

This week in maths we have started to learn more about fractions. We found out that fractions are really just division sums. We would like to find out how small fractions can be e.g. one millionth!

In PE we were developing our athletics skills. We found out how to correctly pass the baton in relay races. We then used this knowledge to compete against other teams in our class.

World Of Work Week

A huge thank you to all our parents who came in to help us during World of Work Week. The children loved hearing all about the different jobs and careers that the parents and grandparents have done and learned lots about new skills to develop and career paths they might like to follow.

During the week we heard from financial advisors, cake designers, soldiers, clothing designers, fitness specialists, personnel training and many more.

Some of our photos from the week are below – you can see how much fun we had. You can also check the Courier this week as you might spot us there as well!