Busy, Busy Bees in Primary One!

Over the last two weeks, we have done some Spring cleaning in the community, we were mice and cats and we had a special French lesson!  We enjoyed all of these activities and our Primary One pupils were excited to participate.  We think that doing is a super way to learn!  Have a look to see what we’ve been up to.

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Primary 4 ask us to “Geez-a-Break”

We have had lots of fun and learned lots, too!

The Geez-a-Break Company came in to perform a mini-pantomime about the danger of talking to strangers. They told us some good jokes (like “What side of the toast does Darth Vader like? The Dark Side!), sang songs and reminded us how to stay safe.

We enjoyed German where we learned the names of colours and everyone earned a House Point for only using the German words that we had learned.

The other classes have been showing off their talents this week and we’ve been lucky enough to see them: Primary 5 held a mini museum exhibition with their Titanic models and Primary 6 entertained us with their Dragon’s Den assembly.

In science we also managed to find out who killed Bobby the Fish by carrying out an investigation into dissolving and evaporating. Nasty Nathan the fish’n’chip man was responsible!

Today we are taking our learning reflections home to share with our parents and can’t wait to hear what they say about them.