Primary 6 visit the Nursery

The nursery children were very happy to have the the big boys and girls  from Primary 6 down for a visit. They were very kind and supportive to the children and listened to all their stories and ideas.

We think they will be great Buddies.



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We also had a lovely visit from Nanda who came to talk about caterpillars and butterflies. She brought some unexpected guests in the shape of two little puppets which had been specially made for the story. The children listened really well and they were really keen to see the puppets up close.


Excitement in Primary One

It has been a very busy and exciting week in Primary One as we prepared for our ‘Paddington’ assembly.  We performed the assembly for the school and for our parents.  We did a fantastic job and Mrs Gaspar was very proud of us!  We wish we could do it again.

Because the weather was so nice, we got outside to do chalk art and to use the outdoor toys for some fresh air and exercise.  Even Ms McMaster could not resist joining in the activities.

We think it’s been a really fun week!

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


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Performing well in P4

This week has been possibly our busiest yet this year! We had our Aladdin performances this week and after a dress rehearsal and three performances (one which was a completely full house!) and we think that we are ready for Broadway now.

We’ve been estimating and measuring length in maths and practising using different instruments to help us. Apparently Mr Todd is 180cm tall and the classroom is over 6m wide!

In PE we’ve been outside enjoying the good weather: Miss Gray and Miss Paterson took us for some rounders – with a twist. They also had us trying to solve the human knot problem, which proved to be very tricky.

Hobbies were our focus for German this week – we have learned all about the things that are “gern” (we like) and things we “nicht gern” (don’t like).

A ‘pantotastic’ week in Primary 5!

This week we performed our Aladdin panto in front of audiences. In Primary 5 we had lots of important roles, for example: acting, organising props and cue cards, singing and dancing. We felt a little nervous about having a big audience but once we had started the show, it was good fun!

Today we have been designing invitations for our Titanic assembly next Friday. We based our designs on Titanic boarding passes. It was important that we remembered to include the 5Ws: why, who, what, when and where. We are looking forward to performing our assembly for our parents next week.