P4-7 visited Polbeth and Harwood Church for their Easter Service

On Wednesday the 23rd March, we walked to the church in Polbeth. Some of the members of the church came and met us at school and walked along with us. When we arrived, we met Nanda who is our school chaplain. The church was decorated with a lovely display made by Primary 6. Nanda told us a story about Easter eggs and the chocolate egg she had actually had a proper egg yolk in it…yuk!

Primary 7 read chapters about Easter from the Bible. Primary 4 told us a story about the Easter donkey. Primary 6 read an Easter poem and Primary 5 shared with us some of their ‘egg’ words. We also sang two songs.

Here are some photos from our visit. Happy Easter to all the friends and family of Bellsquarry Primary School.

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Primary 5’s Visit to Bellsquarry Orchard

Yesterday afternoon we walked along to Bellsquarry orchard. When we got there we split into two groups, one of the groups started off by decorating the wooden beehive and the other group began by planting trees in the orchard. To decorate the beehive we used stencils and sponges to create a summer woodland scene. Planting the trees was hard work! We first of all had to chop up the extra earth that would hold the tree in place. Then we secured the tree and earth and added a wooden cane to support the tree and spiral covering. We are looking forward to visiting the orchard in the summer term and hope that the trees will all have started to grow.

Working towards a ‘Breastfeeding Friendly’ nursery

Recently we have been focusing on how we can promote a breastfeeding friendly culture in our nursery.  Staff have received training and we have written a breastfeeding policy for the nursery. It is known that breastfeeding can have enormous benefit to the health of both the mother and the child. However, as well as “knowing the benefits”, supportive environments are needed to enable and support breastfeeding.

At Bellsquarry Nursery we:

  • Use positive and culturally appropriate images of breastfeeding
  • Avoid materials which promote artificial feeding.
  • Provide appropriate education and training for staff to enable them to promote, protect and support breastfeeding.
  • Increase awareness of sources of support and information for breastfeeding families.
  • Provide a welcoming atmosphere for breastfeeding families and to encourage breastfeeding in the public areas of the establishment.
  • Support informed choice in relation to infant feeding.

As part of our work  in this area we are working towards a certificate of achievement which means we will be classed as “Breastfeeding Friendly” by West Lothian Community Health and Care Partnership.

Primary 2

This week we had lots of fun participating in a tennis taster session. In health we have been thinking about what babies need to help them grow.
We are coming to the end of our Katie Morag topic and we wrote our own invitations to Granny Mainland and Neilly Beag`s wedding, thinking carefully about what sorts of information the invitation would have on it.
We have also been busy practising our songs for our Easter assembly.

Nursery Week

We have started using our new woodwork bench and the children have been sawing and hammering and following instructions on how to be safe with the tools.


We have already started thinking about Spring and drew some lovely snow drop pictures. Some of the children read a book called Flora’s Flowers and decided to grow  cress like Max in the story.


The nursery has also been given some donations by Lochlan’s mum for an Easter Raffle. The raffle ticket cost is fifty pence each. If anybody else would like to donate to this please let us know.

We also had fun at the dough table and had a wonderful time with some crazy foam, everyone was keen to try what it felt like.

065 068 070 071 073 074

And finally girls and boys working hard in the garden.

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Primary 6

Primary 6

On Thursday the 3rd of March we went to Hillend for our first skiing lesson. We learned to descend from the blue perform in a snow plough position and stop on demand. We started by going around with one ski on then we put both skis on. When we were comfortable on both skis we then moved on to the yellow line and we went on to the tow.

Shortly after some of us moved on to the green section. Some people got blisters on their feet because of the extremely tight ski boots but as we stated to ski the pain went away. Our Examiners Bob and Allan helped us pass level one. We went for 3 weeks and we enjoyed it very much. In assembly we got a certificate to certify that we have successfully completed level one.

By Havia and Husna

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Getting Fit!

Primary One has been working incredibly hard over the past number of weeks in the gym hall.  They have been learning a variety of skills to allow them to complete timed circuits.  The learning intention is that they are able to improve their scores each time they complete a station.  They are responsible for filling in their record chart after each exercise.  We have a lot of fun along the way with the occasional mishap as pupils attempt press ups, sit ups, squats etc.  Here is some pictorial evidence of our efforts!

DSC04569 DSC04571 DSC04577 DSC04584 DSC04587 DSC04591 DSC04592

P5 Basketball Festival

On Tuesday afternoon we went to the Primary 5 basketball festival at Craigswood Sports Centre. We split into three different teams and each went to a different court. We played games against four other schools and were able to use our basketball skills which we had been developing the week before. We also used our teamwork skills to involve everyone and to help us to score points. We were awarded a certificate at the end of the afternoon and this morning we were presented with this at assembly.

P4’s creative week

This week has been a very creative week: we’ve been learning how to play samba and other Brazilian music in our Classic Concerts inputs; some of us took part in the West Lothian Dance Festival (check out the other posts about this); smiled nicely to create a beautiful montage for our class photo shoot; used lots of energy in our tennis sessions; Darren came in to tell us all about the Easter story and the special days that Christians celebrate next week; finished off our mini-topic about Fair Trade; enjoyed going outside for PE in what we hope is the beginning of the good weather; and been using our maths work on coordinates and compass points to help us write an exciting story all about an adventure on Pirate Island.