The Pupil Council help design the new Bellsquarry play park!

Yesterday, 20th January, the Pupil Council met with Christine Lee from Sutcliffe Play Scotland. She explained that Bellsquarry were going to get a new play park and she wanted our help in designing it. We were very excited.  We walked to the park with Christine and Mrs Cosgrove and looked at the space and what was already there. We even got to play for a wee while! Then we walked back to school and met with Christine again and Ms McMaster to look at a plan of the play park and also catalogues with all the equipment we could choose from.

There are going to be 3 areas: an area for younger children, an area for high equipment and an active area. There is also going to be a log wall to stop footballs from entering the park. There is going to be bark under all the equipment.

We came up with lots of ideas.
Ellen, P5, said it would be good to have a dog area.
Sophie, P6, said it would be a great idea to have a seated area for parents.
Charlie, P3, said he would like to have a slide with a den underneath it.
Charlotte, P3, said it would be good to have access and equipment for children with disabilities.

The Pupil Council drew their designs onto a planning sheet and then shared their ideas (see our photos below). Christine is taking away our designs and is going to draw up a large master plan and come back and share it with us. We are hoping to have a grand opening of the park when it is complete.

By Nadia and Martina, P7 Chair and Vice Chair of Bellsquarry Pupil Council

Playpark 5 Playpark 6 Playpark 10 Playpark 11 Playpark 12 Playpark 13 Playpark 14 Playpark 2 Playpark  1