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Health Week in Beatlie


On Tuesday 24th of May we started our Health Week. We chose to run an Olympic theme throughout the week, with every class representing a different country. Campsie was USA, Lammermuir was Italy, Hopetoun represented Greece, Lomond was China, Pentland was France, Glendevon was Australia, Ochiltree was India and Duntarvie represented Spain.
We started with an Olympic Opening Ceremony with every class marching round the hall to their national anthem and carrying our Olympic torch.
In the afternoon we had all classes displaying their dancing skills, with music and dance from their specific country. It was lots of fun with some pretty spectacular movers!!!

Click on the link to see some of our international dancing.


On Wednesday we held the Beatlie Olympic Games. Children represented their country in 2 events selected from an assortment which allowed for the varying range of abilities and needs of our young people.

For Olympic highlights, click below.


….and click here¬†for the equestrian event.


Here are the end results.

Event Winner Country
Curling Group 1 Chloe Italy
Curling Group 2 Vikki France
Football Jamie and Callum – joint winners USA andChina
Weight Lifting (Ambulant group) James USA
Weight Lifting(Wheelchair group) Sophie Greece
Hammer Throw John Spain
Target Shot Aiden France
Bowling Group 1 Andrew and Rowan ‚Äď joint winners China and India
Bowling Group 2 Ross Australia
Gymnastics ‚Äď Beam Christopher USA
Rhythmic Gymnastics Group 1 Lauren China
Rhythmic Gymnastics Group 2 Amy China
Equestrian Eventing Emily China
Swimming Aaron USA

The final medal table looked like this:-

China 5
France 2
Australia 1
Greece 1
India 1
Italy 1
Spain 1

All the winners received a gold medal and a certificate at our Closing Ceremony …….¬† and then so did everyone else!

On Thurday morning we made healthy snacks from our countries and shared them in the hall in the afternoon.

Clown Doctors On Call

We’re quite used to seeing nurses and doctors here in Beatlie but we can’t remember having two doctors quite like Dr McFlea and Dr Mousse in the school before. They came around the classes and spent lots of time¬†‘playing’ with the pupils. They were dressed very colourfully and used music, slapstick, scarves, whistles and little red foam balls to encourage participation; such small props but with big reactions! They watched the children’s reactions and very skilfully adapted their strategies to develop the interactions. It was wonderful to watch the pupils’ responses!

We hope very much that they will come back again!

Click below for a selection of photos from the visit.


Sponsored Activity

A big thankyou to everyone who helped with the sponsored walk/activities to raise money for the James Young High School pupils who are heading off to Peru with the  Vine Trust.   The pupils did really well with their various challenges and the staff certainly got a work out too!!  It was a great day and the food put on for us at the Baptist church was fantastic Рwe had a lovely, well deserved feed before setting off back to School.  Well done also to the nursery pupils and those who stayed behind at School РI know you all completed your sponsored challenges with enthusiasm! 

The Happy Gang

If anyone would like to see the slide show from the day – there is a copy in Duntarvie.