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Health Week in Campsie

What a lot we got up to during our Scottish themed health week! We made scrumptious oatcakes in class on Monday then on Tuesday and Wednesday we got to go to ‘Party Animals’ sessions where Sean and Liana helped us meet all sorts of animals like a snake, tarantula, and ferret as well as mice, guinea pigs and a rabbit. Thursday was a fantastic ceilidh with Caroline from ‘Ceilidh Kids’and on Friday we had a healthy Scottish food tasting with the whole school after our assembly. It was great to see some mums and dads in at the activities too!

Scottish Health Week in Harburn

Harburn had a very busy and active Scottish Health Week. We started off the week with our walk to the local community library to choose some Scottish themed story books. We also went to the shops to buy the ingredients to make our vegetable soup and Arran potato salad.

We had a visit from Party Animals which allowed the pupils to explore lots of different creatures. The pupils were so much braver than the adults – most of them took the opportunity and touched, held, stroked, had creatures crawling on them and had a snake wrapped around them. Have a look at Party Animals facebook page and see all the wonderful pictures.

To keep active, we participated in Highland Games Activities during PE, we danced with our friends at Ceilidh Kids, kept active in the main hall with different apparatus and played in the soft play area which we all enjoy and we like to keep active regularly. We are looking forward to the good weather and getting outside more often.

We also had lots of craft activities during the week, we made Loch Ness Monsters, St Andrews Flags and Thistles – our class is looking fabulous and we are very proud of our work. We also had the opportunity to join Ochiltree and Duntarvie to listen to and dance to a piper who came in to visit – Nadia and Seasaidh particularly enjoyed this and gave the classes a dance.

We all enjoyed being chefs in the kitchen making some lovely soup and healthy Arran potato salad. We ate our soup for snack and we took our potato salad to the whole school assembly to share it with the rest of the school.

Have a look at all our lovely photos of how busy we have been. Stanley even dressed for the occasion with a lovely Nessie jumper!

We have enjoyed our Scottish Health week and have already got ourselves emerged in our new topic about Pirates – keep an eye out to see what we get up to.


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Health week in Pentland

Pentland Class have been really busy for our Health Week.  We wrapped up warm and enjoyed a lovely, long walk in the local community.  We had our Highland Games in PE and had fun tossing the caber, hurling the haggis and running a Munro challenge.  Duncan had so much fun throwing the haggis and using up all his energy running. We had a session with Ceilidh Kids and  Sophie really enjoyed the Scottish Music and was tired out afterwards.  We have kept very fit with all this exercise!


Party Animals came to visit and we explored lots of creatures.  Susan had a huge snake slithering up her arm – she was so brave!!  Lauren watched carefully as the gecko climbed up her arm but she got a bit of a fright when he jumped up to her nose.  She thought this was really funny!


We had healthy snacks too including porridge and weetabix.  We made some yummy yoghurt with fruit and lime curd. Isabel thought this was really yummy!  We also enjoyed some sensory food play which was lovely and messy.  What a healthy class we are in Pentland!

Scottish Health Week in Ochiltree and Duntarvie

As part of our Scottish Health Week, Ochiltree and Duntarvie have been very active!! We started the week with a visit from Party Animals.  Rowan and Alana particularly loved the snake, Stephanie was fascinated by the tarantula and Aidan was so brave with all the animals – he was really in his element.  Vikki, on the other hand, was not so keen!  In Duntarvie, pupils enjoyed exploring porridge oats then making some tasty porridge  – yum!  We  had a joint music session with some members of Glendevon where we all sang and played musical instruments to Scottish songs – some of us even chose to wear tartan (see photos below).  Amy was very active at her horseriding sessions holding herself up well on the horse.  We also had a ceilidh dance with Ceilidh Kids.  While Emily was not too keen on this to begin with she was loving it by the end!  On the Thursday we each made our own healthy Scottish dish and took it to the whole school assembly to share it with the rest of the school.  We all had a great week and are now feeling very patriotic!!


Outdoor Learning

The Outdoor Learning group have been very busy since September.  We started our Autumn term making crowns using leaves we found on a nature trail.  We also collected lots of Autumn berries and leaves to use in our Halloween potion.  We had some lovely, sunny days with only a few rainy spells.

As the weather grew colder we made some ice sculptures by collecting lots of Winter leaves, berries and acorns to mix with water and freeze.  We enjoyed exploring the ice with our hands as we displayed them in the sensory garden and courtyard so everyone could enjoy watching them change shape as the ice melted away.

We have had fun so far experiencing lots of different types of weather and are looking forward to enjoying lots of snow and wind this term!

Lomond December Update

We have had a busy term so far in Lomond. Our topic this term is ‘Water’ and we have been doing lots of different activities. We have been exploring hot and cold water in our water play and have been using lots of different toys in the water. Aria loves filling up jugs full of water and pouring from one to the other! We have also made rain catchers for our sensory garden. We are checking them once a week and using the rain water to water plants in the school. We still have lots of activities to do, including floating and sinking experiments and finding out what happens to ice when we heat it up!

Aria has been working hard to be more independent this term and is doing a fantastic job of clearing up her own dishes after snack and lunch. Luca has been working really well with the Eye-Gaze system and is now going to be using it to make choices in class groups. Rylie has been full of smiles in her rebound sessions this term- she is loving her time on the trampoline! Charlie is really enjoying our relaxation groups where he loves to get a good stretch and plenty space to move around. It has been lovely to see William back after his holidays and we are all so impressed with how independent he is becoming at snack and lunchtime.

We have all been taking part in Eco Groups this session where we meet with our friends from other classes and do lots of fun activities. Luca has enjoyed doing cooking and food related activities in Helen’s group and William has been doing lots of exciting outdoor activities in (Pentland!) Debbie’s group. Rylie and Charlie have been enjoying doing sensory activities in Jenna’s group and Aria has been kept busy in Debbie’s group doing lots of Eco jobs throughout the school.

We have also been kept very busy in Lomond this term making things for the school Christmas Fayre. Our products are being kept secret but we will let you know that they involve a lot of Christmas sparkle!