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Access walk in the Pentland hills (Article 23, ..our children have the right to play an active part in the community)

A group of secondary children- Andrew, Nathan, Amy, Emily and Lauren visited Harlaw visitors centre in the Pentland hills this week. The regional park have created lovely accessible paths for wheelchair users around the Pentland hills. We went for a lovely walk around the reservoir, exploring the nature around us, very beautiful. Nathan especially enjoyed looking around on the walk around the reservoir.

The children also helped to make a bug hotel using a drill and took part in pond dipping too. We found a newt and a few other creatures too. Lauren was not impressed by our catch lol! However she enjoyed watching her friends. Amy laughed and giggled the whole time she was using the net to catch the pond life and didn’t want to let go of it! Andrew and Emily were very interested in helping to make the bug hotel. Andrew was focused using the drill and Emily loved listening to the sound of the drill. This would be a wonderful place for other classes and their families to visit. A round trip around the reservoir takes about an hour to walk.

2018 Interschools Sports Event

This year at Beatlie, we held the second annual Interschools Sports event. This year our sport was rounders.

Children from the primary departments in Beatlie, Pinewood and Ogilvie Schools sent small groups of children to form two teams for the day. The children and staff all really enjoyed the event, as well as getting to meet up with some new faces!

We would like to say a massive well done to all of the children who participated in the event, and a huge thank you to all of the staff from Pinewood, Ogilvie and Active Schools who helped make the day such a success, as well as the parents who visited to cheer on the children.

See you all at next year’s event!

Mini Scottish theme and Health Week in Hopetoun

Everyone in Hopetoun really enjoyed our Scottish theme. We were very busy dancing and exercising to ceilidh and bagpipe music as well as music by the Red Hot Chilli Pipers and the Proclaimers. At p.e. everyone was involved in tossing the haggis, welly and caber.
We did lots of great art work as well. We made papier mache Highland cows, designed our own tartans, made beautiful thistles, used lollipop sticks to create our Forth bridge, an interesting collage of Scottish wrappers, used plaster of paris to create Scottish hills and used clay to make colourful nessies. As if that wasn’t enough we made a display using symbols to show what our weather was like over four weeks. Most days there were at least two and often three symbols.
You’ll be surprised to hear that out of the twenty days, we had – 19 cold, 5 windy, 6 sunny, 1 rainy, 3 snowy, 5 icy and 8 cloudy.
Of course there was Scottish cooking involved too. We made Scotch broth, Scotch pancakes, tattie scones and oatcakes. Our potato and leek soup and tattie scones were made from potatoes grown in Angus and we used mushrooms from Perth in our mushroom soup.
During health week we were involved in dancing with Ceilidh Kids and met some wonderful animals.


We have been having lots of fun at the Astrogymnastics Studio this term!  We have been balancing on the beams, climbing on the soft blocks, walking across the ladders and stepping across the tactile spots.  There has been lots of jumping on the trampoline too.  Everyone has had a great time exploring the different equipment and using our problem solving skills to work out how to move across the aparatus.  Everyone’s favourite activity though is the inflatable run where we can all jump around and try running across from side to side.  Lots of giggles and lovely interaction with each other as we share space and hold onto one another to help us balance!


The children have all followed the routine well and recognise the end of the session when we get together on the floor and sing ‘Wind the Bobbin’ Up’.  After this we sit in the reception area for our snack and wait for the bus to pick us up.  We use up so much energy every week and are all tired out when we return to Beatlie!

Scottish Health Week in Lomond

January was a busy month for us in Lomond and we enjoyed lots of different Scottish themed activities. Part of our Scottish theme included our Health Week, where we had a focus on fun-filled, healthy activities.

Lots of our healthy activities centred around preparing and cooking healthy Scottish foods. We tried our hand at making Scotch broth soup which some of us enjoyed eating at snack time and we also made a very yummy ‘Lomond Special’ healthy version of cranachan- this went down a treat! We had a Burns Supper in our classroom and tasted some haggis, neeps and tatties which was very tasty!

We really enjoyed taking part in some special activities during Health Week. We did some marching in our classroom to some very noisy Scottish bagpipe music and even got to try on some traditional dress! We all really enjoyed when Party Animals came to visit and every one of us (staff not included!) was very brave when it came to touching all of the different animals. It was also lots of fun learning some new ceilidh dances when Ceilidh Kids came to visit.

Health week gave us the opportunity to be part of lots of new activities and we all responded very well and had lots of fun!


How brave is Rylie?!
How brave is Rylie?!
Oh Charlie, that tarantula is huge!
Oh Charlie, that tarantula is huge!
What a beautiful rabbit.
Charlie liked the feel of the rabbit’s soft fur.
Aria helping to mash potatoes for our Burns Supper.
Aria helping to mash potatoes for our Burns Supper.
Aria has fun dancing with Alex at Ceilidh Kids.
Aria has fun dancing with Alex at Ceilidh Kids.
We enjoyed doing some marching to the bagpipes!
We enjoyed doing some marching to the bagpipes!