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Busy Bees in Campsie!

The pupils in Campsie this year (14 -15) are Ava, Cerys, Jayden, Riley, Ethan and Victoria in the morning nursery and Kai, Andrew, Ty, Logan, Aaron and Muqtasid in the afternoon.

We are all busy little bees and have lots of fun learning as we play in nursery. Some of our favourite activities are soft play, multi-sensory and messy play.

We have a busy timetable: each day starts and ends with group time where we sing songs and listen to stories and we always have two snack times during our morning or afternoon. We have opportunities to meet with other nursery children from Lammermuir and Harburn when we go to assembly, music and P.E as well as our Eco Cross Class Groups where we either go to ‘Eco Bodies’, ‘Artcycling’ or ‘Biodiversity’.

We always have interesting topics – last term we were learning about ‘Myself’ and ‘People Who Help Us’ and we were excited to have a post person visit – Aleks showed us her uniform and we got the chance to post letters during a posting game and then later on we all posted real letters home!

The fire service weren’t able to come to visit last term but they are coming soon – s0 watch out for more photos!

This term we are learning about ‘Autumn’, ‘Scotland’ and ‘Christmas’. We’ve already started making something for our Christmas Fair stall… but we’re keeping it a secret.

Here is a wee photo gallery showing us in action – feel free to comment on the photos!

Waste Audit

On Friday 10th October we carried out a waste audit throughout the school. We were supported by Joanne from West Lothian Council’s Waste Education Team who was extremely helpful and knowledgeable (http://www.westlothian.gov.uk/article/4890/Waste-Education). The process was surprisingly interesting and informative and we now have lots more ideas of how to ensure that we are disposing of all rubbish in the most Eco-friendly way possible. The day before the audit we saved all the rubbish and recycling from the whole building, labelled it and put it into the gym hall. On the day of the audit, some pupils helped Joanne to weigh the re-cycling before tipping out all the general rubbish onto a tarpaulin and sorting it into different bags (i’ve got to admit that at this point lots of people suddenly had to get back to class and our numbers diminished somewhat!). We will be drawing up an action plan based on our findings which I will share with you in the Eco section of this blog as soon as it is ready – It was clear that we could be collecting more food scraps and recycling more plastic for example.

Eco Adventures

The eco committee is launching a homework challenge related to eco matters. We would like families to be more involved with eco tasks to help us achieve the Green Flag award. The nursery has been busy making an interactive story about the importance of nurturing the environment and bio-diversity.

In the primary they have made an interactive story about recycling. The story is centred on a character called Bob the squirrel who is our eco mascot. The children in the primary voted and choose him from a choice of three soft toys (owl, frog or squirrel). The children in Lomond and Hopetoun decided that he should be named Bob. He will be bringing his suitcase to spend the weekend with the different primary families very soon.

In the secondary the children will be given the challenge of being reporters who will spy on their family with the help of Eco Spy. They will need to catch their family in the act of recycling and take photos with the camera provided. We look forward to hearing how everybody gets on!

Science and Engineering Week

Last week (7th – 11th May) was Science and Engineering week.  Each class designed and made their own rain catchers.  These were judged this week by Gary, our Janitor and Shirley who works at reception.  The winning class was Lammermuir with Pentland a close second – well done to them and to everyone for all their efforts.  We can now endevour to water our plants with rain water as there cetainly isn’t a shortage!

National Energy Saving Week

Nicola switches off the light to save energy

November 25th to 31st was ‘Energy Saving Week’ during which all pupils were encouraged to switch off lights and turn down heating. In Beatlie we linked this to our Eco Week and we thought about ways to help our environment. We composted scraps of food and leaves from around the school grounds.

Carol dropped litter ALL  OVER the place and everybody had to help tidy her mess! I hope she is ashamed of herself!

Composting helps the environment too!

Beatlie’s Trashion Show

In October, Pentland organised a truly sensational Trashion Show. The pupils from Pentland started the proceedings by showing off their amazing creations made completely out of trash – cleaned of course! The various models paraded up and down the catwalk which had also been constructed out of trash. Stunning!

Pentland then provided each class with a bag of trash to create their own costumes. The results would have impressed top designers from all over the world! New York, Paris, London, Munich – watch out!!!!

Pentland's Trashion Models