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Pentland’s first term news

We have had a great start to the new year and everyone has settled well. We are all getting to know each other and are enjoying each others company.

We have enjoyed our topic this term – Newsroom. We had lots of opportunities to go round the school interviewing our friends and staff which was a great way to see everyone that has moved around to different classes. We made a newsletter with all the information we gathered and hope that you have had an opportunity to read it.

We are enjoying participating in all the school activities and have been especiallly enjoying our time in soft play, hall and outdoor play. We like to go for walks in the community and try to go to the library once a week.  It has been great fun with Gordon this term when he has mixed music and drama to create a small play about the 3 little pigs with an alternative ending.

Some of us have had the opportunity to go swimming and horseriding which is fantastic, those who have not been yet will have an opportunity over the year.

We are all looking forward to what will be a busy busy term with our new topic – Night and Day and of course Chris……..!!!!!!

We are so glad you have been able to visit us over the term for the different activities Beatlie have had on and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

From all the Pentland Team.

Rio 2016 at Beatlie

Rio at Beatlie has been energetic, loud, creative and fun.  The opening ceremony was great –  those of you who made it along will have been as impressed as I was with all the costumes,flags and music.  Over the course of 2 weeks, we had lots of activities including a showing of Rio at our cinema complete with ice cream, cross class groups each with a Rio theme, a sports extravaganza in the school and a carnivale walk in the nursery.  For our Closing Ceremony  ‘Beats of Brazil’ joined us  and we all ended up doing an impromptu carnivale walk around the local area!  The food from around the world at the different street food stalls was delicious.  A lovely end to the year.

Hopetoun’s activities


Our children really enjoyed science week. We did a different fun experiment every day.




We combined maths and language when we listened to the story and used props for the Three Little Pigs. We think we have very pretty litlle pigs and our big bad wolf doesn’t seem too scary.



Everyone loved making music with our visitors.

Curricular Showcase in Lammermuir

In Lammermuir we enjoyed a range of curricular activities. For science week we were really excited by a visit from Jon from Think Science.  The children were particularly interested in his dry ice experiment and they also loved handling a real space rock.  We conducted our own science experiments across the week and we enjoyed a science themed assembly. In true Lammermuir style we loved investigating a range of materials in messy play.  Our literacy activities included a visit to the local library and listening to an interactive story.  For World maths day we played a matching game and enjoyed a competition to build the highest tower.

Curricular Showcase in Lomond

Lomond were busy doing different activities on the run up to our curricular showcase.

For World Book Day, we enjoyed a trip to the library and chose some new books. We also enjoyed having an interactive story all different animals in the zoo.

On science week, we tried out some different experiments, not many of which turned out quite how we had hoped but it was fun trying! We used some washing up liquid, milk and food colouring to make some marble effect pictures and we also tried out an experiment involving a match with Catherine. We had lots of fun at the Friday get-together where we got to experience some different science activities Pentland had set up for everyone. A big favourite was feeling the air blowing from a very powerful fan!

For World Maths Day, we enjoyed doing Counting Songs on the Smartboard and some of us also enjoyed doing some water play exploring different sized containers in the water.


Curricular Showcase in Pentland

In Pentland we have had a very busy few weeks exploring lots of activities in the lead up to our Curricular Showcase.  We had fun on World Book Day listening to the story, ‘Whatever Next’ where we joined baby bear on a journey to the moon.  In our multi-sensory story we helped him to pack lots of snacks for the journey, climbed into our rocket and flew off into space!


For Science week we made balloon rockets and raced them across the classroom.  It was great fun blowing them up and exploring the sensation of the air rushing out.  Sophie really enjoyed pulling the string when we made our race tracks.   The green balloons were not very strong and kept popping while we were blowing them up which made a really loud noise!


We made a volcano and mixed together all the ingredients vefore watching it erupt.  Susan used her fingers to create the volcano using lots of sand and she enjoyed smelling the different ingredients we poured inside to create lava.


We also made a bubble maker from a bottle and Duncan loved popping the huge bubbles it created!


We made helicopters and watched them twirling around as they fell from up high.  Lauren was great at choosing different colours and holding her crayons to decorate her helicopter.


We led the whole school get together last week and created four different activity corners focusing on wind power.  Everyone had fun blowing up balloons and  letting them whizz around the room.  The blew giant, scented bubbles and popped some party poppers.  The final group explored wind using the giant fan that almost blew everyone away.  A great end to Science week in Beatlie!

Science Week in Campsie

We had great fun during Science Week and did lots of exploration through the theme ‘Our Senses’. On Monday we thought about sound and used lots of instruments and other things to make, and listen to, various sounds. On Tuesday we were thinking about our sense of smell and we made our own playdough with different smells – lemon, mint and strawberry. We also had a great Science assembly where Julia had lots of different experiments for us to do. On Wednesday it was all about taste and we sampled a variety of things including grapefruit, salty popcorn and honey. On Thursday we had a focus on touch when we were painting with frozen paint – a cool activity! And all week long we thought about sight with lots of opportunities to chill out and explore the new things in our classroom multi-sensory area.

We also enjoyed a visit from ‘Think Science’ the week before and we were particularly fascinated by the ‘clouds’ that Jon made for us as well as some experiments to do with the sun, electricity and forces.

Science Week – Curriculum Showcase

This week in Harburn we have been enjoying a curriculum focus on Science.

We put the lab coats on and tried and tested lots of different experiments some more successful than others.

The children really enjoyed the hands on participation and experiencing how things change, move, grow etc.

Some of you who were able to attend our Curriculum Showcase were also able to get involved and would also have had a look at all our lovely photos we took throughout the week. I have attached some of our highlights…….

Curriculum Month in Duntarvie

This month has been Curriculum Month, where we have been focusing on World Maths Day, World Book Day and Science Week.

As part of World Maths Day, we had lots of fun exploring shape and number in Duntarvie. We created shape pictures using different textured paper. We also counted numbers 1-5 during our number Tac Pac group with Ochiltree. We all enjoyed playing a game of Teddy Bear Bingo, where we had to match the correct number with the number of teddies on our game card.

IMG_3591 IMG_3589

We also joined Ochiltree to share some interactive stories as part of World Book Day. In one of the stories, we were helping Paula to find her lucky scarf so we could all go to the football match! We also enjoyed helping Catherine to tell the story of the Gruffalo using switches. We each had to be a different character in the book.


During Science Week, we did a few different activities. We made sparkly jelly to explore how the jelly changed from powder, to liquid, to jelly, to solid. We put the set jelly in the freezer and tried different ways of defrosting it again. We used a switch to turn on the hairdryer and water sprays filled with warm water. We also had a Balloon race, exploring force. We each had a balloon and straw attached to string. Once the balloon had been blown up we let it go to see which balloon moved the quickest. We looked at flowers and how they need water to live and grow. So we used food colouring, water and white flowers to investigate how the water moves through the flowers.


Curriculum Showcase month

This month we have been very busy celebrating World Book day, World Maths day and Science week, along with all our other curriculum subjects.

As part of Book day we joined up with Duntarvie to share stories about The Gruffalo – for this we used switches and were given a character to play.  Paula also told us a story about going to a football match, we had to try to find her scarf as it was lost – Nathan found keys under the knitting but no scarf!

We have been thinking lots about numbers this term and on World Maths day we used playdoh to make the shape of the number then rolled little balls to show how many the number means.

We have still be working on our usual curriculum subjects – one of the current favourites is cooking group. We made biscuits for Mother’s day gifts – as you can imagine we had to make a couple of extras so that we could test they were ok before we sent them home!

This week we have been very busy experimenting for science week.  We thought about friction by sliding a block across the table then sliding it across a slippery table covered with washing up liquid and finally over some sand paper where it didn’t slide much!  We also looked at what happens to leaves if you put them into water with food colouring in it and when parents came to visit us in school we made rainbow jars using different liquids – the thick gloopy liquids and the thin runny liquids didn’t mix and so we got stripy rainbows in our jars!

GEDV0133 IMG_0184 IMG_0200 (2) GEDV0037