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Pirate play in Harburn, all the children had lots of fun over the last 3 weeks exploring all the pirate activities, there was a treasure hunt in the sensory garden, a pirate themed snack and lots of fun pirate activites during free play.

Book Week Scotland – 19th -25th November 2018

For National Book Week we explored ‘The Gruffalo’ story.

This year, we are taking forward Story Massage across the whole school with someone being trained for this in each class and the pupils all really enjoyed the Gruffalo story massage regularly during the week. The pictures below show some of the pupils from Glendevon taking part in this.


On the Friday, we all met together for a shared Gruffalo inspired feast!

Glendevon News

It’s been a while since we gave an update on all the hard work we have been doing in Glendevon.

The question should be ‘what have we not been doing’!

This term we have been enjoying the topic ‘sound maps’ and to make it enjoyable and interesting for us all, we have based this on the story ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’.

The children have been enjoying all the different activities we have been doing in and outside the classroom – lots of art work and sensory experiences as you will see from the photos. We are collating lovely sound photo albums as part of our task and the children are really enjoying putting in photos of their experiences as we go through the story – they love to admire themselves and really show an awareness of seeing themselves.

We have also introduced story massage to our daily routines and this has been a great success – they are loving it! They appear to relax well and we are getting lovely reactions and feedback during these sessions. Hpefully we can share a session with you all one day soon.

World Children’s Day was a lovely event and we enjoyed our walk to the park despite the weather – this didn’t put any of the children off and all of them were able to walk good distances following the bubbles the staff were busy blowing throughout. We made lovely artwork which is now displayed with the rest of the schools fantastic work on our Rights Respecting Schools display board – please have a look the next time you are in.

I would also like to just mention how fantastic they are all doing with their communication skills – lots of fantastic modelling of pecs use, Tech Talk and exchanging of symbols/photos when requesting. Also lots of verbal communication from Duncan.

Duncan and Emily continue to complete their Teacch and workstation activities with continued confidence and independence. William and Aria have been excellent at taking on board these new skills and already have completed some Teacch activities that have moved into their independent work boxes – fantastic in the short time they have been in the class.

Sophie continues to be encouraged to be more communicative through lots of different activities – she particularly enjoys Rebound and Tac Pac which is when we are getting lots of feedback from her. She is also having lots of Intensive Interaction sessions which we hope will encourage more communication from her – already having some lovely eye contact from her.

We are now into the really busy period of preparing for Christmas – we hope to see you all at the Fayre and our annual show.

Glendevon 2019/20 Session

A warm welcome to all the new staff and children who have joined Glendevon for the new school session.

This year we have Alex and Fletcher join us from Pentland along with Aria, Duncan, Sophie and William who were here last year. Supporting and encouraging the children this year will again be myself and Madge and joining us is Sarah, Jennifer and Louisa. Linda and Gordon will also be taking the children for activities throughout the year.

It has been a fantastic start to the new session and everyone is enjoying getting to know each other better.  We are already getting into routines and have been trying out different activities to challenge and experience new skills using different strategies.

We have been busy enjoying the start of our topic this term – Day and Night. We are beginning to  experiencing lots of activities to help us understand routines like when it is time for bed and when it is time to get up in the morning.

We are also enjoying participating in all the school activities and have been especially enjoying our time in soft play, hall and outdoor play. We are also playing and learning lots with our friends from other classes and enjoy the opportunity to spend time with others as well as our own class team. Everyone will have an opportunity to go swimming over the coming year and we all enjoyed our first session together at Inveralmond. Also some of us will get the opportunity to experience horse riding. I am sure there will be lots of other surprising opportunities we will get to experience as the year goes on.

Next week we will be busy making a display of our class charter showing what rights and responsibilities we have as individuals and as a team within the class, school and outside environment. We will also be starting cross-class activities with our friends from the secondary giving opportunities to experience either PECs, Sensory or switching skills.

We are all looking forward to continuing with our work toward our ASDAN qualifications with Duncan, Aria, Sophie and William while Alex and Fletcher settle into their new environment and routines.

We look forward to seeing you all visit us over the year for the different activities in Beatlie.

From all the Glendevon Team.



2018 Interschools Sports Event

This year at Beatlie, we held the second annual Interschools Sports event. This year our sport was rounders.

Children from the primary departments in Beatlie, Pinewood and Ogilvie Schools sent small groups of children to form two teams for the day. The children and staff all really enjoyed the event, as well as getting to meet up with some new faces!

We would like to say a massive well done to all of the children who participated in the event, and a huge thank you to all of the staff from Pinewood, Ogilvie and Active Schools who helped make the day such a success, as well as the parents who visited to cheer on the children.

See you all at next year’s event!


This term in Lomond we have been thinking about jungles through our topic of “I’m a Lomondite….get me out of here!”.  We took part in sensory stations with Pentland and Hopetound during our PE slot, have had LOTS of messy play, exercise challenges, scary challenges (dipping into blind boxes!) and cooking lots of different yucky food (like mud cake and bear claws) ….all to try and win stars!

Glendevon at Christmas

Glendevon have been a busy class over the last couple of months with the run up to Christmas.

In November we had fun for Red Nose Day before highlighting the need for supporting refugee children as part of Universal Children’s Day by making posters and leaflets. Duncan kindly took one to Pinewood while Ryan took one to a community hall he has been visiting each week.

We then went on to celebrate St Andrew’s Day before getting into full swing for Christmas.

It was great fun making our items to sell at the craft fayre and are grateful to all those who purchased a one off gift.

Celebrations have been very enjoyable and we are pleased that everyone was in school to celebrate this time of year.

As well as all these lovely events, we have all been working towards our IEP targets and our ASDAN and SQA awards which has been interesting trying out new activities and skills. Ryan has been joining Glendevon for a time to go out in the community – musically active dudes and going to the cafe as well as participating in arts and crafts.

We thank you for all your continued support over tha last term and we wish you a Very Merry Christmas  and hope you all have a lovely holiday. xx

Glendevon : The class of 2017/18

The new session has started with great speed and we cannot believe how time has flown already!

The new team are all getting to know each other and all are coping well and settling into routines and new faces very well.

If you visit Glendevon, you will now find: Sandra (Class Teacher), Allison, Tanya, Nicole, Emma and Kerri who are all here to support the young adults of whom are: Amy, Emily, Ryan, Sophie and Duncan who has joined from Pentland.

We have been busy making a display of our class charter showing what rights and responsibilities we have as individuals and as a team within the class, school and outside environment.

We have also been enjoying our topic this term – Leisure Activities (Past & Present). We have been experiencing lots of activities we may have participated in the past as well as activities we enjoy in our everyday life at present. We have begun to compile our books which are going to give a pictorial story of who we are from baby to now showing what we looked like in the past and now in the present. We look forward to sharing these with you very soon.

We are also enjoying participating in all the school activities and have been especially enjoying our time in soft play, hall and outdoor play. We have been going for regular walks in the community for walking month (September) and try to go to the library and shop once a week.  We have also continued to have the opportunity to go swimming which looks to be the preferred activity of the whole week and so much enjoyment comes from this activity.

This week also saw us participating in a whole school event for Numeracy Day. We experienced lots of numeracy activities including numeracy songs, games and cooking. We also joined the rest of the secondary department and had a ‘Shape Treasure Hunt’ which was lots of fun and as you can imagine quite competitive. We look forward to our next school event ‘Jeans for Genes Day’ when we can all wear our jeans to school to help raise awareness of genetic disorders.

We are all looking forward to continuing with our topic this term and lots of other new experiences as we work toward our ASDAN and SQA qualifications.

We look forward to seeing you all visit us over the year for the different activities Beatlie have on and can’t wait to share our achievements and learning intentions at our parents consultations on October 11th & 12th.

From all the Glendevon Team.

Pentland News

Already we are 2 weeks into a busy new term and it looks like there will be no lazy days for our Spring cleaners!!!

Our topic this term is Spring and we are already having lots of fun with it.

We have started a lovely wall display for you all to admire when you come to visit on parents’ evening.

We have also started making a dent on the weeds in the garden area and hope to have this all cleared and new growth planted by different classes and the eco committee.

We are looking forward to getting our new pets – caterpillers who we will be watching turn into beautiful butterflies by the end of the term.

Other activities keeping us busy is our weekly sessions at the swimming pool, outdoor play and regular walks for the waling month of May.

As you can see we are happy when at school!