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Harburn – Red Nose Week

Harburn have made this week all about fun and celebration.

We have been having a lot of laughs making our faces funny using the smartboard and the red nose day app. We had a few giggles along the way.

We also had fun having our photos taken for the ‘Beatlie Art Gallery’ and as you can see we are all good at posing!!!

Our artwork to be auctioned off was a great success with each of them fetching a great £20 each – all for a great cause I am sure you will agree. Again this was all about fun

It was hard work making our red nose biscuits for ‘mum’ this week – because we wanted to eat them ourselves – mums’ you are lucky to have a whole biscuit!!!

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We have been having lots of fun at the Astrogymnastics Studio this term!  We have been balancing on the beams, climbing on the soft blocks, walking across the ladders and stepping across the tactile spots.  There has been lots of jumping on the trampoline too.  Everyone has had a great time exploring the different equipment and using our problem solving skills to work out how to move across the aparatus.  Everyone’s favourite activity though is the inflatable run where we can all jump around and try running across from side to side.  Lots of giggles and lovely interaction with each other as we share space and hold onto one another to help us balance!


The children have all followed the routine well and recognise the end of the session when we get together on the floor and sing ‘Wind the Bobbin’ Up’.  After this we sit in the reception area for our snack and wait for the bus to pick us up.  We use up so much energy every week and are all tired out when we return to Beatlie!

Harburn Nursery Taken Over by Pirates!

Harburn children are back to nursery after a well earned half term break. We hope you all had a wonderful long weekend together.

We thought that you would like an update of what we have been upto in Harburn – and I am sure you will have guessed from the title, we have been enjoying the topic of pirates.

The children seemed to have enjoyed the topic which has been full of interesting and fun activities – from arts and crafts to singing and even PE.

As you will see from the lovely pictures, we made treasure chests which have ‘real’ jewellery in them and the children had the opportunity for a sensory experience in making these with the different jewels. We made a desert island for our wall display which all of them did their bit in making it out of sand and glue.

We used our hands a lot in this topic and for a lot of the time, they were in paint!! Our lovely pirate ships are made from our own hand prints with the waves painted with sponges – some seas a bit rougher than others……. Also our beautiful parrots with their handprint feathers look very effective.

Our Pirate assembly with all our friends from nursery was great fun – we got to dress up as pirates, go on a treasure hunt around the school, dig for hidden treasure in the sand, walk the plank, eat some ‘pirate treasure’ and sing pirate songs.

We loved our pirate ship we had in the classroom and we liked to climb in and out of it every day sometimes dressed up or with an eye patch on!

The children listened well to our pirate story books and liked the language used which brought lots of laughter and some imitating from them.

We survived being taken over by the pirates and they are welcome in Harburn any time!

Last week we had an opportunity to emerge ourselves in a special celebration – Chinese New Year.

At assembly we listened to chinese music, tried some chinese food, made a card and a lantern. In Harburn we celebrated the year of the sheep ‘ram’ by making lovely sponge painted sheep pictures and fans to decorate the room – it was looking spectacular.

We also tried some rice, prawn crackers and spring rolls for snack and we have to give a special mention to Lesley for singing a fabulous chinese new year song.

We have had a busy but very enjoyable start to the year, and we are all looking forward to our new topics over the next few weeks.

We look forward to seeing you at the Fairtrade cafe and/or the red nose day cafe.

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Scottish Health Week in Harburn

Harburn had a very busy and active Scottish Health Week. We started off the week with our walk to the local community library to choose some Scottish themed story books. We also went to the shops to buy the ingredients to make our vegetable soup and Arran potato salad.

We had a visit from Party Animals which allowed the pupils to explore lots of different creatures. The pupils were so much braver than the adults – most of them took the opportunity and touched, held, stroked, had creatures crawling on them and had a snake wrapped around them. Have a look at Party Animals facebook page and see all the wonderful pictures.

To keep active, we participated in Highland Games Activities during PE, we danced with our friends at Ceilidh Kids, kept active in the main hall with different apparatus and played in the soft play area which we all enjoy and we like to keep active regularly. We are looking forward to the good weather and getting outside more often.

We also had lots of craft activities during the week, we made Loch Ness Monsters, St Andrews Flags and Thistles – our class is looking fabulous and we are very proud of our work. We also had the opportunity to join Ochiltree and Duntarvie to listen to and dance to a piper who came in to visit – Nadia and Seasaidh particularly enjoyed this and gave the classes a dance.

We all enjoyed being chefs in the kitchen making some lovely soup and healthy Arran potato salad. We ate our soup for snack and we took our potato salad to the whole school assembly to share it with the rest of the school.

Have a look at all our lovely photos of how busy we have been. Stanley even dressed for the occasion with a lovely Nessie jumper!

We have enjoyed our Scottish Health week and have already got ourselves emerged in our new topic about Pirates – keep an eye out to see what we get up to.


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Fun in Harburn

The children in Harburn have all settled well into the nursery and are getting to know the class team, Lesley, Saira and Pamela.  Julia, our teacher has finished on maternity leave and Sandra has joined the team from Duntarvie.  We will keep you posted on Julia’s baby!!

Thank you for all your support at the enterprise fayre.  The children had lots of fun and learned new experiences while cooking our delicious shortbread and chocolate truffles.

We have been very busy preparing for Christmas, rehearsing for our nativity with our friends from Lammermuir and Campsie.  Also making lovely winter displays, cards, gifts and decorations.

Its been lovely getting to know each other and we look forward to lots more fun times in Harburn next year.  Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2015.