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Harburns Toy Topic

Lewis creating his sun catcher
Antosc loved the sticky glue
Fraser loved exploring the colours
Maher was very good at choosing his colours
Lewis loved playing in the bubbly water
Lewis enjoyed colour sorting the stickle bricks
Fernando and Charlie had great fun rolling the cars down the slope to make paint patterns
we threw the ball to make big splashes in the paint
our finished wall display
Callan at the car wash

Christmas is nearly here. over the last few weeks the children have been preparing for our Christmas fair and the singalong show. We have decorated the room with Christmas decorations and both our Trees as well as making cards for all the other classes round the school. only 7 more school days till the holidays :)

Pirate play in Harburn, all the children had lots of fun over the last 3 weeks exploring all the pirate activities, there was a treasure hunt in the sensory garden, a pirate themed snack and lots of fun pirate activites during free play.

Science Week – Curriculum Showcase

This week in Harburn we have been enjoying a curriculum focus on Science.

We put the lab coats on and tried and tested lots of different experiments some more successful than others.

The children really enjoyed the hands on participation and experiencing how things change, move, grow etc.

Some of you who were able to attend our Curriculum Showcase were also able to get involved and would also have had a look at all our lovely photos we took throughout the week. I have attached some of our highlights…….

Harburn celebrates World Book Day and World Maths Day

This week in Harburn, we have been celebrating 2 special events.

We decided to have a theme to the week to incorporate lots of areas of the curriculum with the main thread of numeracy and literacy running through. The theme we decided on was ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

We all really enjoyed this theme and we were able to experience lots of different activities linked to the story. We also had lots of opportunities to try out a variety of activities helping to develop our skills in numeracy and language.

On Wednesday we celebrated World Maths Day with an array of activities from sorting colours to following directions with the bee-bots. We also played games on our i-pads and sang number rhymes.

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day – again with lots of different activities with letters and a teddy bear picnic where we read our favourite books. We also listened and interacted with the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ before making our own version of the book.

We are also making a book called ‘Learning through play’ and we hope to have this completed in time to showcase at our open afternoon during science week.

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Water Week in Harburn

We have had a busy but fun week in Harburn taking part in water activities.

On Monday we filled up our water trays with stickle bricks representing the water and earth of our planet – we also put in some animals to represent the need for water to survive. It was lots of fun!

Usually we would then just throw the water outside but this week we kept the water in the trays to be used throughout the week.

On Tuesday we used some of the water to make sensory gloves – we filled the gloves with water and glitter to put in the freezer and a couple of days later we had sensory play with them.

On Wednesday we made our Water Awareness posters to go home.

On Thursday we put some water in cups for our Assembly science experiment and with what was left we poured down the ramp outside the class and brushed it down – it is now gleeming!

Our Whole School Assembly on Friday was great – really informative and fun.

Have a lovely holiday – and remember to be WATER AWARE!

Harburn Update

It has been a busy start for Harburn and already we are speeding toward Autumn.

The class are all happy to have Katie join us and she is already very much a big part of the Harburn team.

I think it has taken us all a wee bit of adjusting to get used to the new times but we have adjusted and following our new timetable well.

We have covered 2 topics already this term – ‘Myself’ and ‘People who help us’. Both these topics have been lots of fun having a mix of art and interactive songs/stories to help reinforce an understanding of the topics. There is still lots more to come!

Our assemblies have also been very interesting and we were very lucky to have ‘Kerrie’ the guide dog come in to visit us. We will also be having the fire brigade come see us at the end of September.

We have enjoyed our walks to the café each week and we hope to continue these until the October holidays – weather permitting!

Harburn are working hard, having lots of fun and experiencing new and exciting activities.