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Fairtrade Fortnight in Harburn

This week saw the start of Fairtrade Fortnight and what a week we have had.



We have been learning all about where our bananas come from and how they end up in our supermarkets. There has been lots of art and craft work to make bananas and our banana plant.

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We have been learning all about the Fairtrade symbol and what it means – we had great fun making our own version.

IMG_4569IMG_4472IMG_4470   IMG_4468

IMG_4296 IMG_4300 IMG_4303 IMG_4340 IMG_4342 IMG_4343 IMG_4345

We played a game which we all thought was fair! We all took turns about to throw the dice and then find the number on the picture and colour in.

IMG_4172 IMG_4177 IMG_4180 IMG_4186 IMG_4252 IMG_4255 IMG_4258 IMG_4263 IMG_4265

Some of us went shopping for Fairtrade items.

IMG_4061 IMG_4068 IMG_4071 IMG_4073

Overall, this week has put big smiles on our faces and we are looking forward to continuing Fairtrade next week.

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Nursery Biodiversity Group


We had another enjoyable day in the Biodiversity Group today looking and talking about bugs. We watched a clip of ‘A Bugs Life’ and tried to spot and name the different bugs we could see from ants to slugs and beetles – there were lots. We then made our own bug dens.

Bugs might not look like particularly significant visitors to your garden, but they’re vital to keeping the ecosystem working. If you want to help them get through the hard times or give them somewhere to breed, provide them with their own place to stay.

Bugs have their own special requirements when they’re looking for a home: somewhere nice and damp, lots of mess and a bit of mould for good measure. There are lots of designs on the theme which will ensure the bugs in your garden can sleep tight through the winter.

Our design was to take a bundle of bamboo canes and tie them together with a piece of string. We placed some of the dens around the garden and plan to hang some under a branch of a tree or to a railing and hopefully the bugs will start to move in.

Our morning group were able to put their bundles out, but due to the weather, the afternoon group didn’t get out so we will go out next week and hang their dens up – instead we had fun colouring in our own bug characters from ‘A Bug’s Life’.

We look forward to going on a bug hunt soon!


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Harburn Nursery Taken Over by Pirates!

Harburn children are back to nursery after a well earned half term break. We hope you all had a wonderful long weekend together.

We thought that you would like an update of what we have been upto in Harburn – and I am sure you will have guessed from the title, we have been enjoying the topic of pirates.

The children seemed to have enjoyed the topic which has been full of interesting and fun activities – from arts and crafts to singing and even PE.

As you will see from the lovely pictures, we made treasure chests which have ‘real’ jewellery in them and the children had the opportunity for a sensory experience in making these with the different jewels. We made a desert island for our wall display which all of them did their bit in making it out of sand and glue.

We used our hands a lot in this topic and for a lot of the time, they were in paint!! Our lovely pirate ships are made from our own hand prints with the waves painted with sponges – some seas a bit rougher than others……. Also our beautiful parrots with their handprint feathers look very effective.

Our Pirate assembly with all our friends from nursery was great fun – we got to dress up as pirates, go on a treasure hunt around the school, dig for hidden treasure in the sand, walk the plank, eat some ‘pirate treasure’ and sing pirate songs.

We loved our pirate ship we had in the classroom and we liked to climb in and out of it every day sometimes dressed up or with an eye patch on!

The children listened well to our pirate story books and liked the language used which brought lots of laughter and some imitating from them.

We survived being taken over by the pirates and they are welcome in Harburn any time!

Last week we had an opportunity to emerge ourselves in a special celebration – Chinese New Year.

At assembly we listened to chinese music, tried some chinese food, made a card and a lantern. In Harburn we celebrated the year of the sheep ‘ram’ by making lovely sponge painted sheep pictures and fans to decorate the room – it was looking spectacular.

We also tried some rice, prawn crackers and spring rolls for snack and we have to give a special mention to Lesley for singing a fabulous chinese new year song.

We have had a busy but very enjoyable start to the year, and we are all looking forward to our new topics over the next few weeks.

We look forward to seeing you at the Fairtrade cafe and/or the red nose day cafe.

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Nursery Biodiversity Group

           Getting Ready For Spring

It is a new group of children to join the Biodiversity Eco Group just in time for Spring.
Our first job was to re-establish the hedgehog house back to the sensory garden and you must admit it is looking good. Lets hope we have some visitors to the ‘Beatlie Hilton’.

The next job was to hang up our newly refurbished bee hotel which our previous group worked hard to paint in lovely yellow and black stripes. Luckily there were no sore fingers or thumbs from hammering the nail into the tree – again like the hedgehog house, the hotel is looking splendid!

We had noticed that the bird feeders were not being eaten, so we decided to cut some of the cups off altogether and put on the bird table to make it easier for the birds to access and we cut some of the cups in half and left where they were hanging. Hopefully we will see some evidence that the birds have been able to get some food.
It certainly didn’t feel like Spring when we were out yesterday, but there are already signs of buds coming alive in the sensory garden!




Nursery Biodiversity Eco Group

This week in the Biodiversity group, we were painting our new Hedgehog House. The old houses we had were a bit worse for wear – however, this new one is going to named the ‘Beatlie Hilton’.

So why are we having a hedgehog house in the Beatlie garden?

Well, if you have a garden with grass and flower borders, you will almost certainly have slugs and snails as well. It’s well known that the friendly hedgehog will keep your garden clear of slugs and snails, in fact one hedgehog can devour countless slugs and snails in a week, so why not let them eat ours!

Hedgehogs are creatures of habitat, and they are very punctual. They tend to leave and return to their habitat at more or less the same time when feeding every day so hopefully we will be able to spot one soon – maybe in May/June time when they have some babies.

Our beautiful painted house will keep them safe and sound in our garden.


We also made some hedgehogs from paperplates – have a look at us hard at work.

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Nursery – Biodiversity Eco Group

We have had a busy day today in our Biodiversity group. Following on from our Scotland week, we carried on the theme to look at biodiversity in Scotland. We sang about Bumble Bees and talked about how they give us honey. The pupils all had the opportunity to either smell or taste Scottish Heather Honey before we all made a Beatlie Bee each. The pupils all enjoyed painting bright yellow and black stripes onto paper plates before an adult supported them to staple wings on. We then cleaned and painted the bee hotel and it is now looking as good as new ready for the spring season.




Scottish Health Week in Harburn

Harburn had a very busy and active Scottish Health Week. We started off the week with our walk to the local community library to choose some Scottish themed story books. We also went to the shops to buy the ingredients to make our vegetable soup and Arran potato salad.

We had a visit from Party Animals which allowed the pupils to explore lots of different creatures. The pupils were so much braver than the adults – most of them took the opportunity and touched, held, stroked, had creatures crawling on them and had a snake wrapped around them. Have a look at Party Animals facebook page and see all the wonderful pictures.

To keep active, we participated in Highland Games Activities during PE, we danced with our friends at Ceilidh Kids, kept active in the main hall with different apparatus and played in the soft play area which we all enjoy and we like to keep active regularly. We are looking forward to the good weather and getting outside more often.

We also had lots of craft activities during the week, we made Loch Ness Monsters, St Andrews Flags and Thistles – our class is looking fabulous and we are very proud of our work. We also had the opportunity to join Ochiltree and Duntarvie to listen to and dance to a piper who came in to visit – Nadia and Seasaidh particularly enjoyed this and gave the classes a dance.

We all enjoyed being chefs in the kitchen making some lovely soup and healthy Arran potato salad. We ate our soup for snack and we took our potato salad to the whole school assembly to share it with the rest of the school.

Have a look at all our lovely photos of how busy we have been. Stanley even dressed for the occasion with a lovely Nessie jumper!

We have enjoyed our Scottish Health week and have already got ourselves emerged in our new topic about Pirates – keep an eye out to see what we get up to.


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Biodiversity Group – Nursery

The children played an important part in caring for the environment this week.

The children were very active in making and hanging out some bird puddings to help the birds sustain good health through the cold months.

Providing birds with supplementary food will bring them closer for us to marvel at their fascinating behaviour and wonderful colours now and throughout the year.
If you would like to help by providing birds with some supplementary foods, here is what you can do:

Ingredients: Lard, bird seed, other kitchen scraps.

Carefully make a small hole in the bottom of a yoghurt pot or plastic cup. Thread string through the hole and tie a knot on the inside. Leave enough string so that you can tie the pot to a tree or your bird table.

Allow some lard to warm up to room temperature, but don’t melt it. Then cut it up into small pieces and put it in the mixing bowl.

Add the other ingredients to the bowl and mix them together with your finger tips. Keep adding the seed/raisin/cheese mixture and squidging it until the fat holds it all together.

Fill your yoghurt pots with bird cake mixture and put them in the fridge to set for an hour or so.

Hang your speedy bird cakes from trees or your bird table. Watch for greenfinches, tits and possibly even great spotted woodpeckers.

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Nursery – Biodiversity Eco Group


Biodiversity is … everything! It is all the living things on the planet – plankton, wildflowers, insects, mammals, reptiles, trees and birds – and all the habitats in which they are found – oceans, woodlands, meadows, wetlands and man-made areas like wasteland, fields, parks and canals.

Biodiversity impacts us all – all species require the basic resources provided by the ecosystem to stay alive. Human life is dependent on the inter-relationships between all the living things and habitats in the eco-system. We therefore need to consider carefully the effects of human activity on biodiversity and whether the balance between development and preservation is the correct one.

Eco-Schools play a crucial role in promoting and improving the biological potential of the local area. As an Eco-School we can:

  • Care for local habitats, plants and animals
  • Use outdoor areas to teach and learn about biodiversity
  • Make choices which consider the preservation of the eco-system

Last term, the Biodiversity groups who included: Mitchell, Max, Cara, Wiktor, Cerys and Riley – am and Andrew, Logan, Jack, Nadia and Millie – pm worked hard to introduce new natural, bug, bird and animal friendly environmental habitats into the school grounds to help increase biodiversity into our local environment. The group made a bumblebee hotel and a ladybird house as well as upgrading our bird table, making bird puddings and collecting wood from the local area to create a log pile.

With all their hard work, we hope that over the coming months going into spring and summer we will be able to observe all the diverse insects/bugs/plants we have attracted to our school grounds and continue to learn and care for our eco-system.

The team this term will be: MacKenzie, Reece, Noah, Victoria, Jayden and Bronwyn – am and Ty, Muqtasid, Neve, Seasaidh and Harry – pm. We will be continuing with all the hard work and ensuring all our habitats are maintained and making new ones. We will be making some more bird cakes next week to help provide some nutrients for our birds in this cold weather.

We are all looking forward to continuing the good work and making our school grounds a haven for diverse plants and animals.

Watch this space for more news and pictures of all our great work.