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Hello Everybody

Well, what a strange term this has been. We’ve all been very busy but at home instead of being in school with all our friends. I’d like to say thank you to all our children and families for participating so well in the activities. I know you’ve all been enjoying the videos. Thank you too for posting all your wonderful photos. It was so good to see  those smiley happy faces and to see what you’ve been doing. Madison’s been doing lots of baking with mum and looking at her face in the photos, lots of tasting too! She’s been out on her bike and having lots of fun in the garden. Angel has also been an outdoor girl, playing in her garden on lots of equipment and riding her bike. She’s also been busy doing lots of building with her large sized building blocks. Hafsa has been in the garden too, relaxing in her hammock. She did some beautiful art and craft work and had lots of fun with her little sister. Pete has been doing lots of walking and helped make an insect home. More recently he had fun on his family’s boat. He’s been loving all the videos too. Tommy has found his feet and there’s been no stopping him.  He’s been enjoying his paddling pool, a real wee water baby. He’s also been trying out lots of the posted activities and loves watching the videos. Matthew, I’m sure you’ve been having lots of fun with your brothers.

As I’m retiring I wont be in class when you come back in August, but I hope to come in and see you all.

Have a wonderful summer.

Take care and keep safe.

Love to you all.


Hello from Hopetoun

Hello everyone.                                                                                                                     What a strange time we’re all going through.                                                      It was a sad finish to term three.                                                                                As always it was a busy term. We were doing all our regular groups, going out to play, going for walks and visiting the shop and library. Some of our children went swimming and two went horse riding for the first time, and they loved it.                                                                            Our children always enjoy our bag groups – Interactive story            bag – The Three Little Pigs, anticipation bag and song bag. They’re always engaged and participate well and have favourites when choosing a song. We’ve also  seen some great indicating for their turn, using their switch or by signing me.                                                        We also got some new switching toys and the children had a great time trying them out.                                                                                                   We did lots of lovely art work including some for our coffee morning. We also made some yummy cake and biscuits using fair trade ingredients.                                                                                                                I hope you’re all managing to keep busy and are enjoying some of the activities that have been posted here and in the learning journals.  It would be lovely if we get back to some normality soon, but I think it’s going to take longer then we hope.                                                                            I’m missing the children but the main thing is for you all to keep safe and well.                                                                                                                                      Take care                                                                                                                                Helen 😊


Merry Christmas from Hopetoun

What a busy term we’ve had. All the children have been working hard.

Our topic this term was In The Band. We recycled tubs, bottles and tubes to create our instruments.

As well as all our usual activities we had fun meeting the ponies and everyone enjoyed the Children In Need morning.

Making our instruments.

We’ve also been involved in collecting food for the foodbank and selling rice – The 90kg Rice Challenge for Malawi.

The children covered boxes ready for the food and helped pack them too.

A huge thank you to everyone who donated food and bought rice. Your kindness is much appreciated. We received a huge amount of food and sold all our rice.

Next term our topic is Daytime.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy and peaceful new year.

Very Best Wishes from the Hopetoun Team.

Hello from Hopetoun

Hello Everyone.

I’m so happy to tell everyone how well our new primary one children have settled into their school routine. Hafsa, Angel, Tommy, Pete and Matthew all moved from Lammermuir nursery and Madison joined us from Harburn nursery. Natalie and Annmarie also moved from Lammermuir. Caroline and Jacki have joined us to make up the Hopetoun team.

We’ve all been getting to know each other and we’re so lucky to have such happy children who are enjoying lots of different activities.



Hello from Pentland

Term three was a very busy term. We had lots of fun creating outfits for our valentine’s fashion show. We cut up old nighties and  an old blanket. We tie dyed the nighties and shirts and painted patterns on them and added some hearts. Old shorts were decorated too. Colourful socks and hats finished off our unique fashion statement! Unused clothes went to the recycle box.

For odd sock day we made very cute little monsters. There were lots of activities for fair trade fortnight and we finished by making a video. We had to sing a song about Pablo the banana. We made it into a rap which the children loved.

We have a link with a school in Bangladesh so we celebrated their new year at assembly.

Pentland – walking, planting and enjoying fresh air

Hello from Pentland

Last term was very busy. We were doing lots of walking, exercises and activities outside. This term we’re continuing our daily walks and we’re out for playtime every day too.

We recently joined a local tree planting group in the park. It was quite a long walk there and back. We had to dig a hole plant the little tree, put in a support cane then cover it with protective tubing. We planted two trees then it was time to get back to school for lunch.

Pentland’s Shoe Share

Hello from Pentland.

A huge thank you to everyone who sent in shoes for our shoe share project. We collected 137 pairs of shoes of all styles and sizes. The children in Pentland did a great job of pairing and bagging them. We took them to Clarks in Livingston centre. The staff were delighted. So far this year £126ooo has been raised to help get more children across the world, into school.

Pentland’s Fair Trade Activities

RRS article 29

Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full. It must encourage the child’s respect for human rights, as well as respect for their parents, their own and other cultures, and the environment.

In Pentland we listened to stories about Fair Trade. The favourite was ‘Yes I Do Know All About Chocolate’. Some of the children enjoyed fair trade bananas for snack and of course we did some cooking using fair trade ingredients. We also used some lovely fair trade African fabric to create a beautiful wall hanging and useful box.
We made chocolate cake to take to whole school snack where everyone enjoyed yummy fair trade goodies.


I cant believe we’re so near the end of term!

We’ve been very busy with so many different things going on. We baked for our MacMillan coffee morning and Signpost enjoyed it so much they asked us to bake for their special birthday celebration. We made Pudsey banners with our own little Pudseys and had a fun day for Children in Need. We made posters and leaflets for the OutRight campaign, helping to raise awareness of the plight of the refugees.  We celebrated St. Andrew’s day and were very busy with our enterprise for the school fair. For our theme Around the House we’ve been doing lots of switching. Luca especially liked vacuuming. Making popcorn was also very popular.  Aria & Charlie enjoyed being d.j. – switching music & William operated the disco ball. Rylie enjoyed listening to the music. At art & craft we made our own vacuum, watch out Mr Dyson!!

Welcome to Pentland

Hello from Pentland.

Hope everyone had a great sumer. There’s been a few changes here in Pentland.  As you can see Luca, William, Aria and Rylie have been joined by Charlie and Scarlett. Linda and Anna have moved through from Lomond with them. Jacqueline and Caroline are still here and Shonet and I have moved from Hopetoun.

We’re all getting to know each other which fits in with our theme – Friends. Both Aria and William have been great at helping their friends by getting their coats and bags, and helping push their chairs. We’ve also been meeting up with other friends every morning when we go to the playground. We’ve been dancing with friends at assembly too. Alex from Lomond has visited and joined us at a craft activity.

There’s already been lots of hard work in class, as well as  swimming, riding, visits to the shop, library and cafe. Not sure how we fit everything in, but the first few weeks have passed very quickly!