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Fairtrade Fortnight

On the last day of Fairtrade Fortnight, we had a whole school assembly. Each class had to taste, smell and explore a number of items then decide which table containd the fairtrade products.  This was great fun and much to my dismay everybody guessed correctly!!

This was followed with a ‘Fairtrade Feast’ which each class contributed to.  There were many delicious combinations of chocolate and banana for us all to sample!!  Please view the slideshow below to see pictures from the event.

Gold Heart Art

The Gold Heart Art Gallery held in aid of The Childrens Variety Club Charity was a great success.  Thanks to all those who attended.  Over £400 was raised and a lot of happy people acquired unique art work to take home with them!  All the pupils were involved in making the individual pieces and each class produced a collective piece to be auctioned.  Please view the slide show below to see pictures of the the event and the lead up to it.


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Sponsored Activity

A big thankyou to everyone who helped with the sponsored walk/activities to raise money for the James Young High School pupils who are heading off to Peru with the  Vine Trust.   The pupils did really well with their various challenges and the staff certainly got a work out too!!  It was a great day and the food put on for us at the Baptist church was fantastic – we had a lovely, well deserved feed before setting off back to School.  Well done also to the nursery pupils and those who stayed behind at School – I know you all completed your sponsored challenges with enthusiasm! 

The Happy Gang

If anyone would like to see the slide show from the day – there is a copy in Duntarvie.