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Duntarvie News

Duntarvie has returned to school for the second term and I think we are now getting to know all the new faces in the classroom.

Alana, Kaitlyn, Stephanie, Vikki and Rowan have all settled into a nice routine and are all enjoying each others company and being involved in all the activities together as a class as well as joining all the children in Ochiltree for group activities.

The timetable in Duntarvie is packed full of activities and learning experiences.

We are continuing group activities in the mornings when we join children from Ochiltree for our language and numeracy activities. We are also joining the other children from the secondary classes throughout the week for ICT, Art, Music, Circle Time, Singing groups, Dancing groups and Assembly.

We have been continuing our cooking skills during our weekly cook group and have made lots of lovely treats. We enjoyed making a fruit loaf for the Halloween Cafe and this week we are looking forward to experiencing making soup. This term we are also going to experiment using kitchen electrical equipment using a switch!

Stephanie and Rowan have been going on a weekly shopping trip to ASDA to do our shopping for ingredients and have been doing a great job – I think they enjoy spending all the money!

The children also get to have fun music sessions with Gordon, our music specialist, on a Monday and a Thursday. Gordon is up-cycling different materials to make instruments such as drums and shakers. He also recites stories with the children playing instruments to add sound effects. We are continuing to have P.E with Alan on a Wednesday.

Our topic this term is “Design”. We have been learning about the primary colours through stories and experiments. We will continue to learn about the primary colours through sorting activities and interactive stories before moving onto different textures. The main focus of the topic is to design and create new shoes for the Schuh challenge, we have to investigate different styles and patterns before creating our own shoe!

We enjoy going to the Library on a Friday after assembly and while we are there we go to the cafe for a special Friday snack – we enjoy being out and about in the community.

We like to take part in lots of other activities too like messy play, sensory play, art and craft, computer and multi-sensory. Our ‘Art Gallery’ on our corridor wall is looking very good – please have a look the next time you are in.

We have all enjoyed our time at school so far this year, and we look forward to enjoying the rest of the term.


This year Ochiltree has lots of new faces.  We welcomed Andrew, Amy, Nathan and Emily from Pentland to join Aidan and Marc.  Charley also joins Catherine, Elaine, Gwen, Caroline and Alison on the class team.

We have been getting to know one another over the last term…  Andrew likes making a lot of mess when he paints – he tries to paint everyone in the class too!! Emily had a block of horse riding which she seems to love!  She has to work hard though holding herself up on the horse!  Nathan loves the head massager and will laugh hysterically when getting his head massaged!!  Amy has been exploring the classroom and seems to like having so much space and areas to investigate.  Aidan continues to provide a cheeky element to the classroom and has been trying to take Gwen’s role as artist off of her! He is particularly good at using his adapted scissors and is now beginning to draw by himself!  Marc has been actively taking part in a lot more table activities this year .

Our topic this term is”Design”.  A big part of this is creating new shoes for the Schuh challenge, we have to investigate different styles and patterns before creating our own shoe!  “Design” is carried into our maths and language groups where we join with pupils from Duntarvie.

We also spend time with other pupils from the secondary school for Circle Time, Singing groups and a Dancing group…This means we get to see lots of different people throughout the week!!

We have also been working with Duntarvie to create a talking book.  At the moment we have the story of “We’re Going on a Beatlie Bee Hunt” and are currently working on “The Listening Walk”.