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This term in Lomond we have been thinking about jungles through our topic of “I’m a Lomondite….get me out of here!”.  We took part in sensory stations with Pentland and Hopetound during our PE slot, have had LOTS of messy play, exercise challenges, scary challenges (dipping into blind boxes!) and cooking lots of different yucky food (like mud cake and bear claws) ….all to try and win stars!

Fairtrade Fortnight

Lomond celebrated Fairtrade Fortnight through baking activities and crafts.  We cut some lovely fabrics into small squares and then arranged them into the shape of Africa.  Everyone was able to join in with this either by cutting, gluing or placing squares onto the map,  We also enjoyed tasting the fairtrade treats we made!  We joined the whole school at a shared snack – eating lots of goodies made using fairly traded ingredients.

Lomond Enterprise

We have been busy this term in Lomond.  Our enterprise project of making and decorating our own cushions was hard work but the end results were amazing!  First we designed the cushions, then we had to make the sewing machine go.  Once the cushions were stitched we separated all the stuffing before putting it into the cushions and finally adding the finishing decorations to them.  Fortunately we had a chance to relax at our Christmas party when we got a visit from Santa!

Welcome to Lomond!

In Lomond this year Alex, Taylor and Fletcher have been joined by Stanley,  Bronwyn and Mollie.  Claire has a new team working with her too – Kirsty Ann, Catherine and Pamela have moved from Hopetoun and Jenny and Jen have come from the nursery.  We are looking forward to a busy year with lots of new and exciting challenges and activities.  This term we are learning about “homes: past and present”.  We have already been very busy with this and numeracy day when we had fun with lots of different number games and activities!  Tomorrow we will be taking part in Jeans for Genes day…..busy, busy, busy… 🙂

Curriculum Showcase month

This month we have been very busy celebrating World Book day, World Maths day and Science week, along with all our other curriculum subjects.

As part of Book day we joined up with Duntarvie to share stories about The Gruffalo – for this we used switches and were given a character to play.  Paula also told us a story about going to a football match, we had to try to find her scarf as it was lost – Nathan found keys under the knitting but no scarf!

We have been thinking lots about numbers this term and on World Maths day we used playdoh to make the shape of the number then rolled little balls to show how many the number means.

We have still be working on our usual curriculum subjects – one of the current favourites is cooking group. We made biscuits for Mother’s day gifts – as you can imagine we had to make a couple of extras so that we could test they were ok before we sent them home!

This week we have been very busy experimenting for science week.  We thought about friction by sliding a block across the table then sliding it across a slippery table covered with washing up liquid and finally over some sand paper where it didn’t slide much!  We also looked at what happens to leaves if you put them into water with food colouring in it and when parents came to visit us in school we made rainbow jars using different liquids – the thick gloopy liquids and the thin runny liquids didn’t mix and so we got stripy rainbows in our jars!

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Secondary Christmas Activities Day!

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On Monday the secondary department all joined together to have an activities day.  We had snack together in Duntarvie’s classroom before  watched the movie Frozen.  Most of the morning was filled with our Christmas stations – Snow Zone, making Christmas Wreaths, Christmas Cooking, Christmas Smelly Box and a relaxing massage in the Multisensory room using Christmas scented massage creams.  Paula led some singing with us after lunch then it was time for a stretch out on the mats and bean bags for our brand new Christmas tac pac.  We shared an interactive story before going to games in the hall with Linda.  It was a great day where we all had fun choosing what we wanted to do!

Water Week in Ochiltree

This week Ochiltree have been busy learning about saving water.  On Monday we made a leaflet reminding everyone to save water, for this we went around the school taking photos of places we need to be particularly careful not to waste any.  To help us see what happens when it rains we did a science experiment on Tuesday to show what happens to water when it evaporates – we put food colouring into some water and put it in a ziplock bag, we then put the bag on the window so that we could see the water evaporating when the sun heated it up.  On Wednesday we did a spot check around the school to check that all the taps were turned off and not leaking.  We also joined with Duntarvie to think about how water can be used to create energy.   To learn more about water we melted some ice using a hairdryer and our switches.  We tried to clean water on Thursday using a sieve, a cup with a hole in the bottom and a piece of material.  We saw lots of “germs” getting trapped by the different sized holes.  On Friday with Catherine Sweet we put on a drama sketch for the whole school at assembly to remind everyone not to waste water.DSCF5771 DSCF5758 DSCF5756 DSCF5736

Scottish Health Week in Ochiltree and Duntarvie

As part of our Scottish Health Week, Ochiltree and Duntarvie have been very active!! We started the week with a visit from Party Animals.  Rowan and Alana particularly loved the snake, Stephanie was fascinated by the tarantula and Aidan was so brave with all the animals – he was really in his element.  Vikki, on the other hand, was not so keen!  In Duntarvie, pupils enjoyed exploring porridge oats then making some tasty porridge  – yum!  We  had a joint music session with some members of Glendevon where we all sang and played musical instruments to Scottish songs – some of us even chose to wear tartan (see photos below).  Amy was very active at her horseriding sessions holding herself up well on the horse.  We also had a ceilidh dance with Ceilidh Kids.  While Emily was not too keen on this to begin with she was loving it by the end!  On the Thursday we each made our own healthy Scottish dish and took it to the whole school assembly to share it with the rest of the school.  We all had a great week and are now feeling very patriotic!!