Activity ideas for the giant scrunchie or scarf

Activity ideas for the giant scrunchie or scarf

We often often use a giant scrunchie in lessons (sometimes called a Magical Musical Circle). They help everyone move to the music or at least feel the rhythm together.

What’s a giant scrunchie?

These are large stretchy bands covered in fabric and you probably won’t have one at home. Instead you can:

  • Use one or more scarves tied together (see video)
  • Use your sewing skills to make one (there are a number of how-to videos online)
  • Purchase one (there are a number of people making them at home. Look at the Etsy arts and crafts website or Ebay)

You can make your own one very simply by tying a knot in a scarf. It’s best if it isn’t a special one, in case it stretches out of shape. You can use it with one or more partners or own your own. Maybe it’s possible to make a bigger one by using more scarves tied together. Try it and see.

Some classes like to sing Sally Go Round the Sun, so in this video Gordon shows that song. Remember, you can use the Magical Musical Circle in lots of ways. Have fun!


Activity ideas

The giant scrunchie (known as a stretchy band in America if you’re looking online) can be used in many different ways to encourage movement to music and songs. Once you have tried these, there are more on the internet and you can of course have fun making up your own.

  • Sit, on the floor or in chairs. Sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” doing the actions with the song while holding the stretchy band.
  • Any song with actions can be used: e.g. Wheels on the Bus, Wind the Bobbin Up, Over the Irish Sea, Hokey Cokey
  • Musical Stretchy Band: Tie a ribbon on the stretchy band and use hand over hand motion to pass the band around the circle while some music plays. When the music stops, the person closest to the ribbon makes up an action and everyone copies it.
  • Use the song, Ring O Roses while walking in a big circle. All fall down at the end, then get up and go the other direction to repeat.
  • Sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” While the stretchy band goes round, march your feet (march in circle). (Other movement suggestions: gallop, skip, walk, jump). When the stretchy band goes up, make a yawn. (Lift stretchy band high). (Other movement suggestions: shout hooray, lift your leg, wiggle your shoulders, shake your head, do a dance)
  • Move to your favourite music different speeds. Keep the beat together and when something in the music changes e.g. the chorus, do another action (go high, low, side to side, in and out, pass the scrunchie around one way or the other). Try different types of music – pop, rock, Scottish country dance music
  • If someone doesn’t want to hold on at first, just let them feel the movement of the scrunchie against their leg, back or shoulders. For more ideas and videos, search the internet for giant scrunchie activities or stretchy band activities

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