Hello from Hopetoun

Hello everyone.                                                                                                                     What a strange time we’re all going through.                                                      It was a sad finish to term three.                                                                                As always it was a busy term. We were doing all our regular groups, going out to play, going for walks and visiting the shop and library. Some of our children went swimming and two went horse riding for the first time, and they loved it.                                                                            Our children always enjoy our bag groups – Interactive story            bag – The Three Little Pigs, anticipation bag and song bag. They’re always engaged and participate well and have favourites when choosing a song. We’ve also  seen some great indicating for their turn, using their switch or by signing me.                                                        We also got some new switching toys and the children had a great time trying them out.                                                                                                   We did lots of lovely art work including some for our coffee morning. We also made some yummy cake and biscuits using fair trade ingredients.                                                                                                                I hope you’re all managing to keep busy and are enjoying some of the activities that have been posted here and in the learning journals.  It would be lovely if we get back to some normality soon, but I think it’s going to take longer then we hope.                                                                            I’m missing the children but the main thing is for you all to keep safe and well.                                                                                                                                      Take care                                                                                                                                Helen 😊


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