Campsie Term 3 review

Well after an unexpectedly abrupt end to the term we are all busy trying to readjust to our new  routines and working patterns. All staff are here to support our families in any way we can (albeit remotely!) so just message if you need to ask anything. We have already been enjoying some lovely pictures from home which is very much appreciated by all staff.

Here is a review of some of the fun activities we have taken part in since January. Unfortunately no pictures to post as I don’t have access to them at the moment.

Campsie have been working on the theme of People Who Help Us. One of the most exciting times during this were the visits from both the police and fire brigade. It really brought it to life for the children and allowed them to experience some of the sights, sounds and objects. Sitting inside the vehicles was enjoyed by everyone in class and some children did not want to leave once it was finished! We had great fun with the water hose too. The sirens were very noisy and we had to cover our ears.

In messy play we have explored water, foam, jelly and mousse amongst others. We hope you can continue to enjoy some of these experiences at home. Parents, be warned, please wear old clothes as it can become very messy!!!

There have been quite a lot of activities that have involved us joining together with friends, family and the community including litter picks around Craigshill, a music festival for MUSAC, fairtrade cafe, an Easter egg hunt, The adults are all very proud of how well the children have coped with these as busy activities can be very challenging.

We have done some work on cause and effect  and in particular operating a switch to stop/start something. The most popular have been the bubble machine, the giant fan and the food mixer. We have definitely seen an increase in the understanding of our pupils that they can be in control over these functions and it has been a very motivating activity for them.

For the first time ever at Beatlie nursery the children have had the opportunity for swimming this term. Each pupil had a block at Inveralmond Pool. We have some very confident children in the water in our class and those who were unsure have grown so much in confidence. Well done to all!

Please keep in touch over the coming week.

Susan, Tracey, Nicole, Shonet and Ashley

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