Glendevon – Term 2 Catch Up

We cannot believe that it is the end of another year already and half way through the academic year – how time passes when you are having fun and working hard.

The class have all bonded very well with one another and you will see the evidence from the photos what mischief they can get up to when they get together!

We have been enjoying the run up to Christmas with all our art activities, cooking and show rehearsals.

However, the term was not just about Christmas, we have been very busy ‘naughty elves’ since October. This term we have been enjoying both going to the shop and the library and have been learning to be a bit more independent when requesting and taking a book out. Alex and Duncan are super at the self service checkout – so if you need a hand with any shopping you know who to ask.

The whole class have been super at using their PECs and are requesting for their choices during different groups and at snack/dinner. Alex is also keeping us right with different signs and we are all using signalong during different groups to help everyone with communication. Sophie has been enjoying having lots of interaction and we can see some significant changes in how she is communicating through her facial expressions and verbally.

Everyone has been working hard at their Teacch activities and we are seeing lots of progress. Aria has been a star – she is doing her work totally independent now and quickly!  Tac Pac has been fantastic with the class and all are coping so well and learning to relax as you can see from the photos – it is a favourite for William and Fletcher.

I could go on and on about all the good work the class are doing we are so proud at what they have been achieving so far this year and look forward to the new year and new challenges.

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year xcx

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