Eco Beatlie Litter Pick

Towards the end of last year we made an application to ‘Neighbourly’

Through the support of them we have been linked up with TK Maxx and Homesense who voted to support and donate funds to our cause which was an environmental clean up.

Continuing our action against plastics and our litter pick at the canal last year, we wanted to continue to our cause with a trip to the seaside and see the impact of litter on our coasts and marine life.

Glenedvon decided to make a day of it and have some enjoyment as well as doing our bit for the environment.

We started the day off at ‘Silver Sands’ in Aberdour, Fife. As I thought and to any visitors, the beach looks and is immaculate with very little litter to be found.

TRUE – BUT………..

On closer inspection, the ugly truth could be seen – Micro plastics!

Wet wipes, straws, fishing nets, tags, engine parts to name a few of the small but deadly plastic contamination bits and pieces.

It was staggering the amount of wet wipes entwined in the seaweed all along the coast line both here and our next stop at South Queensferry.

We may have only filled 2 black bags and 2 recycle bags! but we were not picking up large pieces like plastic bags etc, this was micro plastics and the amount we collected over just a few hours would be devastating to many marine life!

From getting stuck in nets to eating plastic that they think is food, creatures worldwide are dying from material we made.

On a boat off Costa Rica, a biologist uses pliers from a Swiss army knife to try to extract a plastic straw from a sea turtle’s nostril. The turtle writhes in agony, bleeding profusely. For eight painful minutes the YouTube video ticks on; it has logged more than 20 million views, even though it’s so hard to watch. At the end the increasingly desperate biologists finally manage to dislodge a four-inch-long straw from the creature’s nose.

Raw scenes like this, which lay bare the toll of plastic on wildlife, have become familiar!

So the next time you are at the beach – Have FUN but when you go to leave have a short walk along the tide line and pick up some micro plastics on your way – help our planet one bit at a time.


I would also like to give a big thank you to all staff involved in making it such a successful day, the staff at McDonalds and our driver for the day Kev.

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