Access walk in the Pentland hills (Article 23, ..our children have the right to play an active part in the community)

A group of secondary children- Andrew, Nathan, Amy, Emily and Lauren visited Harlaw visitors centre in the Pentland hills this week. The regional park have created lovely accessible paths for wheelchair users around the Pentland hills. We went for a lovely walk around the reservoir, exploring the nature around us, very beautiful. Nathan especially enjoyed looking around on the walk around the reservoir.

The children also helped to make a bug hotel using a drill and took part in pond dipping too. We found a newt and a few other creatures too. Lauren was not impressed by our catch lol! However she enjoyed watching her friends. Amy laughed and giggled the whole time she was using the net to catch the pond life and didn’t want to let go of it! Andrew and Emily were very interested in helping to make the bug hotel. Andrew was focused using the drill and Emily loved listening to the sound of the drill. This would be a wonderful place for other classes and their families to visit. A round trip around the reservoir takes about an hour to walk.

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