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It’s been a while since we gave an update on all the hard work we have been doing in Glendevon.

The question should be ‘what have we not been doing’!

This term we have been enjoying the topic ‘sound maps’ and to make it enjoyable and interesting for us all, we have based this on the story ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’.

The children have been enjoying all the different activities we have been doing in and outside the classroom – lots of art work and sensory experiences as you will see from the photos. We are collating lovely sound photo albums as part of our task and the children are really enjoying putting in photos of their experiences as we go through the story – they love to admire themselves and really show an awareness of seeing themselves.

We have also introduced story massage to our daily routines and this has been a great success – they are loving it! They appear to relax well and we are getting lovely reactions and feedback during these sessions. Hpefully we can share a session with you all one day soon.

World Children’s Day was a lovely event and we enjoyed our walk to the park despite the weather – this didn’t put any of the children off and all of them were able to walk good distances following the bubbles the staff were busy blowing throughout. We made lovely artwork which is now displayed with the rest of the schools fantastic work on our Rights Respecting Schools display board – please have a look the next time you are in.

I would also like to just mention how fantastic they are all doing with their communication skills – lots of fantastic modelling of pecs use, Tech Talk and exchanging of symbols/photos when requesting. Also lots of verbal communication from Duncan.

Duncan and Emily continue to complete their Teacch and workstation activities with continued confidence and independence. William and Aria have been excellent at taking on board these new skills and already have completed some Teacch activities that have moved into their independent work boxes – fantastic in the short time they have been in the class.

Sophie continues to be encouraged to be more communicative through lots of different activities – she particularly enjoys Rebound and Tac Pac which is when we are getting lots of feedback from her. She is also having lots of Intensive Interaction sessions which we hope will encourage more communication from her – already having some lovely eye contact from her.

We are now into the really busy period of preparing for Christmas – we hope to see you all at the Fayre and our annual show.

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