Fair Trade Tuck Shop

Article 32 (child labour)

Governments must protect children from economic exploitation and work that is dangerous or might harm their health, development or education. Governments must set a minimum age for children to work and ensure that work conditions are safe and appropriate.

Due to the success we had last session, we are continuing our Fair Trade Tuck Shop for another session.

This term, we are trying a different day – a midweek pick me up is what we need so our new day for the Tuck Shop will be a Wednesday.


Products sourced from Traidcraft

Traidcraft stands for changing peoples’ lives through fair trade, saving vanishing traditional skills from extinction, and celebrating a world of creativity and culture through quality fair trade products. They advocate the importance of organic farming, sustainability, and transparency to the lives of growers and artisans around the world. 



Divine White Chocolate Bar/Milk Chocolate/Caramel Chocolate Bars   £1

Geo Mixed Berries Bar         60p

Geo Sticks                                   £1

Fruit & Oat Cookies                  90p

Double Chunck Cookies           90p

A representative from Glendevon will be going round the classes every Wednesday – if you or your child would like to buy a Fairtrade treat for a pick-me-up, please send in money for them to purchase what they want.



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