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We had another enjoyable day in the Biodiversity Group today looking and talking about bugs. We watched a clip of ‘A Bugs Life’ and tried to spot and name the different bugs we could see from ants to slugs and beetles – there were lots. We then made our own bug dens.

Bugs might not look like particularly significant visitors to your garden, but they’re vital to keeping the ecosystem working. If you want to help them get through the hard times or give them somewhere to breed, provide them with their own place to stay.

Bugs have their own special requirements when they’re looking for a home: somewhere nice and damp, lots of mess and a bit of mould for good measure. There are lots of designs on the theme which will ensure the bugs in your garden can sleep tight through the winter.

Our design was to take a bundle of bamboo canes and tie them together with a piece of string. We placed some of the dens around the garden and plan to hang some under a branch of a tree or to a railing and hopefully the bugs will start to move in.

Our morning group were able to put their bundles out, but due to the weather, the afternoon group didn’t get out so we will go out next week and hang their dens up – instead we had fun colouring in our own bug characters from ‘A Bug’s Life’.

We look forward to going on a bug hunt soon!


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