We have been having lots of fun at the Astrogymnastics Studio this term!  We have been balancing on the beams, climbing on the soft blocks, walking across the ladders and stepping across the tactile spots.  There has been lots of jumping on the trampoline too.  Everyone has had a great time exploring the different equipment and using our problem solving skills to work out how to move across the aparatus.  Everyone’s favourite activity though is the inflatable run where we can all jump around and try running across from side to side.  Lots of giggles and lovely interaction with each other as we share space and hold onto one another to help us balance!


The children have all followed the routine well and recognise the end of the session when we get together on the floor and sing ‘Wind the Bobbin’ Up’.  After this we sit in the reception area for our snack and wait for the bus to pick us up.  We use up so much energy every week and are all tired out when we return to Beatlie!

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