Hello from Hopetoun. This is a very busy term. We’re fast approaching that special time of year when there’s lots of things to make, create and decorate. However, at the moment we’re busy with our groups and theme work. Cooking is popular and we have some very good little chefs. Our theme is Nursery Rhymes. The children have been very busy creating wonderful art and craft including Hopetoun Humpty Dumptys! The children painted egg shapes then stuck on photos of their own eyes and mouths. We drew round their hands and feet and they also got stuck on. Finally they chose material to make their trousers or skirt. The boys made a great job of painting brick walls on our window for our Humptys to sit on. Our wall has a great display of Hey Diddle Diddle and Twinkle Twinkle. We’ve been listening to rhymes, and singing and playing along to rhymes too, and the children have been having fun dressing up as characters from different rhymes.

This term we’ve been having visits from the clown doctors which have been lots of fun. We’ve also started cross school ECO groups. Scarlett has been going to sensory water activities with teacher Jenna. Taylor and Fletcher have been exploring soil, water and bugs! with teacher Linda. Alex has stayed with me and we’ve been planting and cooking.

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