West Lothian Council Surveys

Find below a survey from West Lothian Council that we would encourage you to complete by Friday 29th January.

West Lothian Council would like to hear from parents/carers about their experiences of supporting their children to learn from home during this period of remote learning.

We appreciate all you are doing and your feedback will help us to continue to support our schools and families at this time. For more information or support, please get in touch with your child’s school. They are there to help. Our telephone support service is also available for West Lothian families. We are here to listen and support you – 01506 283130

There are 7 questions and it should take 2-3 minutes to complete. If you have more than one child, please complete a survey form for each of your children in turn.

Thank you.

Parents: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=oyzTzM4Wj0KVQTctawUZKZrs4PcouytMv6A2R0y6TENURVpFS1A2MlVRTFRWU0g5Qk9DMEtXNk9QVy4u


Seesaw – Class App at home.

Primary 1 to Primary 3 has started to use Seesaw in school. This is a new App which we will be using in school and at home.

Your child will bring home a QR code which should be used to log them in – please keep it safe. Try the QR code to get used to using it. Ask your child to use the draw tools to draw a picture or write their name or some words. Upload this to their Journal (Click on the green circle with the tick). As everyone becomes more familiar with the platform you will find more “Activities” set by the teacher.

Below is a link to a video that shows you how to log in and use some of the basic functions. I hope you find this helpful.

Go to this Sway

Introducing www.myon.co.uk

myON is essentially an online library which has some additional tools. It will be the main source of reading material for home and school use.

myON is from Renaissance Learning, the same company that provides Accelerated Reader, a program that has been used in school for a number of years. myON has some integration with Accelerated Reader and Star Reading which is used to help select books at an appropriate level.

Please take some time to look at the Parent Information Sheet and the introductory video. Please take some time to connect Star Reader Scores.

It would also be useful to download the App and set up access on as many devices as possible to ensure easy access.

During the next week or two, it would be really helpful if everyone becomes familiar with the books that are available. Begin to read some books and start to add to the “list” of books you would like to read.

Try the audio function with some books and try just reading others and see your time spent reading add up. Take some quizzes!

Integrate myON into your daily routine!

Watch this video https://share.vidyard.com/watch/6f2MCaN4B1eQNpuVK4QxnF? 

Look at this parent guide: Parent-Guide-to-myON-1


RAG BAG – Collection

Our next RAG BAG collection will take place on Monday 23rd November.

Bags should come home on Thursday or Friday – check your child’s bag! (You can also use a regular bag).

Arrangements will be slightly different as bags cannot be brought into school. Arrangements will be made to have a collection point beside the RAG BAG container in the Staff Car Park. (Please do not drive into this car park).

Please bring bags only on this day – Monday 23rd of November.

Thank you once again for your support.

If you want to know more about RAG BAG follow this link https://www.rag-bag.co.uk/ 

Infant Playground Arrangements from Thursday 9th September 2020

Good afternoon.


Please note the arrangements for morning drop off.

The playground has been zoned off into 3 sections; red, blue and green.  We ask that you direct your child/children to these zones at morning drop off.   School staff will be available in the playground to direct and assist.


Primary 1, Miss Mc Cullagh, Blue Zone

Primary 2/1, Mrs Warner, Red Zone

Primary 2, Mr Benyon, Green Zone 


We thank you in advance, for your continued support.

The Infant Department