Good afternoon,

Thank you for your patience in receiving this information.

We take this opportunity to express our delight in welcoming our children back to the nursery, on, Wednesday, 12th of August. We appreciate that some of our children may feel a little anxious about doing so, especially with the current climate. Therefore, the health and well being of all children will be at the heart of all we do moving forward.

Having been away from the nursery for an extended period, we recognise that some children may need additional time and support to re-adjust to the nursery environment. We expect our new starts will require significant time, to familiarise themselves with their new setting, this is all very normal. Rest assured, your child will be fully supported by the nursery staff.

The safety and the health and wellbeing of children and staff is our key priority. At all times, we will adhere strictly to the advice from the Scottish Government and WL Council to ensure everyone is safe and well, as we implement the arrangements for a safe return.

Drop off and Pick up

Drop off and pick up arrangements will be different when we return. We will continue to use the entrance on the footpath that runs along the side of the infant playground, where clear signage will be in place to direct parents. We ask that only one adult accompanies your child to and from the nursery. There will be a familiar member of staff waiting at the gate to welcome your child into the nursery, within the outdoor area. Please ensure your child has dressed appropriately for the weather. The adult will then assist your child, helping them with personal belongings. We regret that at this time, adults are not able to enter the nursery building. If staff needs to invite parents into the building, hand sanitiser will be available at entry/exit zones for general use. Provisions will be in place to ensure physical distancing and infection control measures are maintained.


Key Groups

The staff team has developed three key groups of children and wherever possible, have placed children with their friends. Children will remain in these groups during their time at nursery with their designated Key Worker. The staff will continue to review the groups and in consultation with parents, make changes if necessary, to address the needs of your child. We know that for some of our children, this is their first time in the nursery so; additional staff members will be present to support our new starts in their new environment.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment has been carried out and appropriate action has been taken to ensure robust procedures are in place within the nursery setting allowing for a safe return. Over the summer period, it has been cleaned using electrostatic spray and staff will continue with regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces throughout the nursery day. This essential requirement will not impact on your child’s learning experiences. Children will also wash their hands on arrival at the nursery which they will repeat regularly during the session, being encouraged to do so, using social stories, videos and songs.

Contact with Parents

Following the Scottish Government and WL Council guidelines, we are confident that the arrangements being put in place for our return to the nursery will ensure a smooth transition and the safety of all.

We are committed to offering our full support to parents and have made arrangements to contact parents directly, on, Monday, 10th of August 2020, to discuss your child’s return, medical information and inform you of your child’s key worker. Please be advised that the call is likely to be made from a private or unknown number.

Further information on the full detailed plan for our return, including all the specific arrangements will be published on, Monday 10th of August 2020.

We know that not all parents, especially those of our new children, may not be aware of our school Blog or may not visit it regularly. For that reason, we would ask that you share these details with others who would benefit from knowing the arrangements.

Please enjoy the last few days of the holiday, stay safe and well and we look forward to welcoming you all very soon.


The Nursery Team.

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Sumdog Challenge – Come on St Joseph’s

Welcome to the contest!

Sumdog’s West Lothian is now underway.

As it progresses, you’ll find the latest scores on the leaderboards:

Contest leaderboards

In case it’s useful, we’ve got some helpful support pages showing you how to play:

How to play

We hope you all enjoy the contest! If you would like to enter more classes, you can still do so:

Manage your entry

Best of luck to St Joseph’s Primary !

Make History at Home!

Exciting news! We are official Ambassadors for #artworldrecords, to be part of breaking the world record for the largest ever online art lesson, with Rob Biddulph! Register now at to join in on the 21st May at 4pm.

Sumdog’s West Lothian Maths Contest is almost here!

 It starts tomorrow at 8am, and finishes at 8pm on May 21.

Here are some things to keep in mind during the contest:

  • You can play at any time.
  • For the score to count, the West Lothian Maths Contest activity must be showing in the green panel on the left of your screen when you click to start each game.
  • Your scores are based on correct answers.
  • To appear on the leaderboard, we need at least 10 students from a class  to play.

Good Luck! – Let’s see how well we can do!

IMPORTANT NEWS – Titanic Detective Agency

Primary 5/4 and Primary 6/5 – DATE FOR YOUR DIARY

We are delighted that the author of our class novel, Lindsay Littleson, is joining us on Monday 11th May at 1pm in our “Titanic Team” She has kindly agreed to read a chapter from her book and will hold a question and answer session with the children afterwards.

We hope to be joined by as many children from P6/5 and P5/4 as possible.

If you are in P6/5 or P5/4 and you have not managed to get into Teams please contact the school

e-magazine and e-books West Lothian Library

If you have a library membership you already have everything you need to access this and many other magazines.

Your e-Magazine of the Day today is one for the children -Scoop magazine Our e-Magazine collection is free to all West Lothian library members. the full collection of e-Magazines can be found here:

If you do not have a library membership you can get one here –  -membership   I got mine this morning!

Secure use of GLOW

Good afternoon,

Can I please remind you that  GLOW and in particular TEAMS  are secure areas for staff to work with children.    Passwords should not be shared and no adults should be contacting class teachers through these sites.   Please use the school email to contact us.   You will find this on the recent letter sent to you from the Head of Service.


Thank you


Mrs Burns