Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Primary 1 have been so excited with the snow!!!  Unfortunately not enough snow had fallen for us to build a snowman……..so we wrote a story about one.   We had lots of fabulous ideas for what our snowmen got up to.  We had snowmen parties, make-up parties, flying snowmen, pirate snowmen, unicorn snowmen, lost in the forest snowmen, mountain climbing snowmen, going to the movies with snowmen…….our imaginations were really working today!!!


Have you seen the Loch Ness Monster?

Primary 1 is collecting evidence about the Loch Ness Monster as part of their Scottish topic.  We will be studying the Hamish McHaggis books by Linda Stachan and Sally J  Collins.  We will use the books to learn about some Scottish wildlife and landmarks as well as some traditional Scots sayings.  The children found the saying ‘Haud yer wheest’ particularly amusing.

If you have any stories about Loch Ness or any Nessie sightings, please share them with your child and they can share them with their friends in class.image

Primary 1 learn time

Primary one has been learning the days of the week and the months of the year.  We learned about the new year and that we are in the year 2017.  Our next steps will be to revise o’clock and learn half past.  Time takes a lot of practise to learn so lots of opportunities will be given in school to practise time and the children can practise and use their new skills at home too.  Have a look at our videos of our days of the week and months of the year songs, we are so talented in P1!

P 1/2 Decorating the tree.

Lots to do, lots to do, lots to do this week! Not only busy in Bethlehem!

Monday we thoroughly enjoyed the Pantomime at Howden Park Centre “Red Riding Hood and the Wolves of Winter. Oh yes we did!!!!

Tuesday was the dress rehearsal for our Natvity “Mend the Manger”. Wednesday the evening performance and Thursday the morning show.

Finally we managed to decorate our tree! Lots was done, lots was done, lots was done this week!


Oh Help, oh no, it’s a Gruffalo!!!

The children in primary 1 have enjoyed reading Julia Donaldson stories this term and making a fantastic Gruffalo display.  Through these stories the children have learned about the pattern and rhyme of stories and how to develop a character.  The children made up a new character for the book Room on the Broom.  We learned about the role of an illustrator and an author and developed our love of reading by setting up a quiet reading tent in our classroom which the children named ‘the Julia Donaldson tent’!!!  The children enjoyed making (and tasting) Gruffalo Crumble (apple crumble) and then we made our own recipe book using functional writing and sequencing skills.img_0021