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Wednesday 24.6.20 – Primary 1


Good morning again Primary 1 and welcome to our last Wonderful Wednesday together!

It has been lovely hearing about some fantastic learning.  One of our Primary 1’s has been running to raise money for Edinburgh Zoo, someone else has been looking for minibeasts in her garden pond and another P1 has a new puppy!

Here are your learning tasks for today:

We have sadly come to the end of our minibeast topic – I have really enjoyed see all your learning, photos and creations.  Here is a story all about a Minibeast Party called “Twist and Hop Minibeast Bop” :

Below are a selection of minibeast tasks that you could try at home to say goodbye to our topic:

Parents/Carer’s – these are only suggestions.  Please do not feel like you need to do all of these tasks – just pick one or two to complete that are suitable for you and your child.

  • KWL grid – look at your KWL grid that you made at the beginning of the topic in May.
  1. Look at the “W” column – did you managed to answer all of your questions?
  2. Tick the questions that you found the answers to.  If there are any questions that you did not manage to answer then try to find that out today.
  3. Look at the “L” column – Think about all the things that you have learned about minibeasts and write or draw these in this column (or ask an adult or older sibling to scribe).
  • What I liked about the topic?

In your home learning jotter draw a picture and write a sentence about what you liked learning about minibeasts.  Is there anything that you didn’t like or that we did not cover?  Let me know this too!

Or – Draw a picture in your home learning jotter and answer these questions?

What is your minibeasts name?            Where does it live?

What does it eat?          How many legs does it have?

How many wings?          Tell me an interesting fact!

You could also make one on your computer or tablet using the following online links:

  • Favourite minibeast –  What is your favourite minibeast?

Did you enjoy learning about that minibeast or is it one that we have not covered.  Draw a picture of it and write a sentence to tell me why it is your favourite.

Or – You could conduct a survey and find out your family and friends favourite minibeast.  (Mine is a butterfly!)

  • Guess the minibeast – Read through this powerpoint with an adult or elder sibling.  Can you guess what the minibeast is from the clues?


Writing – write a description of a minibeast – can an adult guess the minibeast from your description?Game – Download and print these cards – Minibeast-Description-Cards-Black-And-White

– Can you match the description with the picture

  • Minibeast sorting – download and sort these minibeasts by the given criteria.

Minibeasts-Legs-Or-No-Legs-Sorting-Activity-Black-and-White_ver_1 (1)

Can you sort them in a different way?

  • Minibeast snacks– Mrs Brownlee sent me this wonderful picture.

Can you make your own minibeast snack? – I cannot wait to see the pictures!

  • Ugly Bug Ball –  If we were in school I would have liked to throw Kirknewton Primary Schools very own “Ugly Bug Ball”.  Here is a very old clip – I hope that you enjoy it!

What do you think would happen at an Ugly bug ball?  

Which minibeasts would be invited? 

Would there be food, games and dancing?

Suggested tasks

Design and create an Invitation to an Ugly Bug Ball?

Dress up – do you have a minibeast costume.  Here is one of my favourite pictures of my eldest niece when she was about your age!

  • Drama activity – Have a go at this Cosmic Yoga – All about Bugs clip.  I hope that you enjoy it!

(parents/carers – small warning – this clip is 46 minutes long)

Don’t worry if you don’t manage to do everything that you want to do today!  These tasks and all the other blog posts will be up during the Summer!

I cannot wait to see some of your pictures!

See you soon 

Ms Payne

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