Kirknewton Primary School

Friday 19.6.20 – Primary 1


Good Morning Primary 1 and Happy Friday!

It has been wonderful to see so many of you while I have been in school this week – I cannot believe that we only have one more week left together in Primary 1!

Here are your learning tasks for today:


Today is Free Writing Friday!

  1. Find a quiet space to sit and write comfortably and safely.
  2. Set a timer or music to listen to (15 minutes can often be too long for Primary 1 – I would recommend 8 – 10 minutes).
  3. Sit quietly – Listen to music and draw what you would like.  It could be a picture of how you are feeling, something that you have learned about or that you are looking forward to.  Try to write some words or sentences about the picture that you have drawn.  Below is a link to some relaxing butterfly clips and music that you could use if you wish

Or if you would like to try something different:

The Very Healthy Caterpillar

Below is a clip to a story that you might know very well.  If you cannot access the clip – click on this link – The_Very_Hungry_Caterpillar_Power_Point to a power point of the story.

The Caterpillar in the story did not eat very healthy foods and this made him feel quite unwell.  Today we are going to change the title of the story to “The Very Healthy Caterpillar”.  

Your task:  Use your learning from yesterdays Health and Well being day.  Think of ways that the Caterpillar could keep himself/herself healthy – remember it’s not just about healthy eating!

It’s up to you how you display this – Perhaps you could make a days of the week timetable showing one thing that the caterpillar could do each day.  Or you could do a picture similar to one above.  It is up to you – be creative!

Mathematics:  Today we are going to learn all about Symmetry

Do you remember what symmetry is? Talk to an adult or older sibling about your ideas.

Have a look at the following 2 clips to help to remind you:

Did you know that lot’s of butterflies are symmetrical?

Have a look at the pictures below – do you think they are symmetrical?

Your task today – Make your own symmetrical butterfly.  Here are some ideas that you could try.  Remember – you don’t have to do them all!

  • Loose parts butterfly – Look around your house for any loose parts – buttons, bottle lids, lego.  Create your own symmetrical butterfly using these (It might help to draw the outline first).

  • Cut and stick butterfly – Draw an empty butterfly template.  Cut shapes and colours and glue to make your own symmetrical butterfly

  • Draw a symmetrical butterfly – Use the worksheet provided Butterfly Pattern Symmetry Worksheet or draw your own symmetrical butterfly in your home learning butterfly.
  •  Painting and folding butterfly  – Follow the instructions in the clip below to make your own Symmetrical Butterfly painting.

Health and Wellbeing:

Finally to finish the week, here is a lovely story that was sent to me – I hope that you enjoy it!

It’s hard not to hug all the people that you care about but in Primary 1 we are very good at showing that we care in other ways.

I hope that you have a lovely weekend and I will be back here on Monday Morning

See you soon

Ms Payne

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