Kirknewton Primary School

Wednesday 17.6.20 – Primary 1


Primary 1.

Hi, me again today and we are going to move on from some of the last activities for example look at time again and find out more about your favourite book.


Activity 1- Maths

Last time we looked at the days of the week. Today we are going to look at o’clock on an analogue clock, that is a clock with 2 hands and 12 numbers. What can you tell me about the hands ? Yes they are different sizes and that is very important. The big hand always points to 12 when it is o’clock and the smaller one tell you the number for example 4 o’clock. I would like you to ask an adult for a plate. Draw round it to make a circle ( you could do this outside with your hoop like the last days activity and cut out the numbers and the hands and put them in place like a clock) now add the numbers to make a clock. Put your clock at 4 o’clock .Remember it is important to have the right size of hand in the correct place.  Repeat this for at least 5 more times all o’clock.

Activity 2 –Language

Remember last time you picked a favourite book and drew the front cover. This time pick the part of the story you like best. Tell me why you like that part? Try and write a short sentence telling me why. It is alright to get some help but try some of the words yourself and put a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end.

Activity 3-Art and Design

Get a piece of A4 paper and a dark coloured felt tip pen. Now take the pen for a walk across the paper making a long squiggly line going in and out and over. Can you colour all the individual sections to make a piece of modern art. Remember to put the artists name on the art work.

Activity 4- Health and Wellbeing

Do you remember a few  lessons ago I  gave you some outdoor exercise to do. Well I would like you to repeat them. Then I would like you to make up 5 exercises for me. You could draw them or get an adult to write them down. Please remember I am very old so do not make them too hard.


Well that is it from me. Hope to see you all when we get back to school and you are in P2. Look after yourselves and your family.

Keep safe and happy.

Bye from Mrs B.

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