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Tuesday 9.6.20 – Primary 1


Happy Tuesday Primary 1

I would like to share some fantastic news that I received yesterday.

The great Kirknewton Snail Race took part over the weekend in one of our classmates gardens.  It was a close race but snail 1 persevered to reach the finish line first.  He was very happy to receive a special sticker!

Well done for this fantastic learning!

In other news, something special has happened to a beanstalk in Kirknewton – What can you see in the picture?

Well done to this Primary 1 who taken such good care of her beanstalk that she now has 3 beans growing! – I wonder what she will do with them!  Has your beanstalk grown any beans?  Let me know in the comments box below.  (My beanstalks are still in the flowering stage!)

Here are your learning tasks for today:


Last week I set you a secret mission which was sent through groupcall.  Please complete your task by Friday 12th June 2020.  If you need a reminder of the information please click the link here –Primary 1 buddy message task

I can’t wait to see what you do! 

Numeracy:  Counting back and numbers less than.

Here’s a song to get you ready.

  • Starter activity:  count and clap
  1. Get a beat going – knees, clap, knees, clap.
  2. When you have a steady beat going, begin counting forward – knees, clap (0), knees, clap (1) – How high can you count?
  3. Can you count backwards – start at 10, then try 20.  Can you count back from 30 or more?
  • Main activity:  You will need a set of number digit cards.  Your could use the template provided  0 – 50 cards or make your own from paper or stones.

Circles – Numbers from 30.  If your child needs more challenge then try to 50 or 100.

Parents/Carers – Please do not worry if your child still requires some support for teens numbers – this is common at this stage.

Triangles – Numbers from 10.  If your child needs more challenge then try to 20.


  • Game 1 –   Making a reverse number line

  1.  Mix the cards up and lay them out on the floor.
  2. Turn one card over – where do you think that number should be on the number line?  Put it in the space.
  3. Repeat until you have put all the numbers in order from the largest to the smallest– did you put them in the correct space?
  4. Mix them up and try again but time yourself – what was your fastest time?  Can you beat your parent/carer/sibling?

  • Game 2 – Numbers 1, 2 and 3 less.
  1. Look at the number line – what number is one less than 5?  Encourage your child to locate and find on number line.
  2. What number is 2 or 3 less than 7?  Find and locate it.
  3. Can your child do this without looking at the number line?  Ask them to try and then let them check on the numberline.
  4. Challenge – Mix the cards up and lay them out face down.  Take turns turning a number over – ask your child what is 1,2 or 3 less than * ?  Can they do this without the numberline support?

If your child is able focus on bridging 10s e.g. 3 less than 31, 2 less than 20.

Here are some other activities that you could try at home

  • Try these counting back worksheet or make a count back rocket – ,count back task

  • Online games:


We are going to continue our learning about worms.  Watch this clip to find out how earthworms helps us.

Your task:

Talk to an adult or older sibling about this.  Then in your home learning jotter draw a picture and write a sentence to tell me how earthworms help us.

Other optional worm tasks:

Make Your Own Wormery Outdoor Activity

Making a Wormery Sequencing Activity Sheet

Making a Wormery Stepbystep Instructions

  • Try some Squiggly worm art

Have a great day Primary 1 and I will see you tomorrow.

Ms Payne


  1. Hi Ms Payne

    My Daddy handed in my secret mission to the school yesterday. Please let me know if you don’t have it so I can do another one.


  2. Hi Natalie – Thank you for your secret mission – I will check with Ms Wilson to see if she got it!

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