Kirknewton Primary School

Thursday 4.6.20 – Primary 1


Good morning Primary 1 – It’s Thursday again!

Thank you for all your wonderful snail tasks – I have had a lot of fun reading and looking at them!  

Here are your learning tasks for today:


This week we have been learning about the “ai” sound.  Can you think of any ai words?

Suggested Activities – Please do not try to do all these tasks!  I have tried to provide a variety of written and active tasks – just do what you can!

Here are some ai words that you could use (or can you think of your own?):

ai-m         s-ai-l       f-ai-l      m-ai-l      j-ai-l      

w-ai-t      p-ai-d      s-n-ai-l      ch-ai-n      t-r-ai-n      

  • ai walk/hunt– On your daily walk or on a walk around your house try find words containing the “ai” sound
  • Complete an activity from your spelling/phonics wall (in your learning pack)
  • Look, Cover, Write, Check – Select some words – look at it,cover it up, write it, then check to see if you are right!
  • Dictation – Please see activities below relating to your child’s literacy group:
  • Optional Creative task – Make your own ai snail

    Write as many ai words onto the snails shell and curl it up.  You could use the template provided  ai snail or make you own.

Blue/Yellow groups – Ask an adult to tell you some ai sentences:

e.g. The snail left a trail to the jail.

Can you write these sentences independently, remembering your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops?

Green Group – Ask an adult to say some ai words – can you write them down by yourself?

– Try writing a ai sentence (as above) with support

Purple Group –

Use your sound cards in your red folders –

  • Ask an adult to say a single sound that we have learned – can you write the sound? Do you start in the correct place and form your letter correctly.
  • Set a timer for 30 seconds – how many times can you write the sound?  Circle the one that you think is the best!
  •  Can you think of a word with that sound? Where is the sound in the word – beginning, middle, end?
  • Use your sound cards to build some simple words together and write these in your jotter.  Use the word in an oral sentence.
  • Remember to try the Bugclub phonics task that i have set for you if you have not done it already


Today we are going to revise our learning of money.  Why do you think learning about money is important?  Talk to an adult or older sibling.  Here’s a song to help to remind you:

Can you recognise the coins that we use here in Britain.  Below is a picture of the coins or a power point for you to look at:

Coin-Reveal-revision 11.6.20

Some money activities to try at home:

Parents carer’s – real coins are the best to use but if you are unable to find any here is a template  T-N-127-British-Coins-Lifesize_ver_2 of some real life coins that you can print and cut out

  • Coin sorting – Find lots of coins and sort them into different piles or bowls by amount worth, size or colour.

What coin is the biggest in size?  What are worth more?  Which are silver?  Which coins are bronze?

  • Coin organising – take one of each coin and sort them into the order from the smallest to largest amount not size.  You could record this by drawing around the coins in your jotter or using this worksheet


  • Coin rubbing –  This could be done in your jotter or on this recording sheet:


Step 1: Place the coin under the paper.
Step 2: Gently rub over the paper with a soft pencil.
Step 3: Keep rubbing until the picture appears!

  • Some online games to try: – sumdog challenge


Here’s a funny little song that I found about snails – I hope you like it!

Do you know why snails are important?  Talk to an adult or older sibling about why you think they are important and draw or write about it in your home learning jotter.

Slugs and snails are very important!   They are food for all sorts of mammals, birds, and insects.

They also eat lots of things we don’t like to have in our gardens and environment -fungus, dead plants and even dog poo!

If you take them out of our environment and this can do a lot of harm!  For more information and interesting facts you could ask a parent/carer to read you some information from this website:,part%20of%20the%20natural%20balance.

Here are some other activities that you could try today that were recommended by one of your classmates:

  • Snail Race – Did you know that every year the World Snail Racing Championship takes place in Norfolk.  Here is a Newsround clip from 2 years ago if you would like to find out more :

World Snail Racing Championship in Norfolk.

One of our classmates also held a snail race in their garden – I wonder if anyone could find enough snails to try one.

  • Snail Hotel – Another great snail idea was to make a snail hotel!

Think of all the things that you have learned about snails – where they like to live and what they like to eat.  Is there somewhere in your garden that you could build a hotel that snails could visit?  Or you could try to follow the instructions below to make your very own snailery!


Please remember that snails are wild animals and you must let them go after testing your hotel/snailery!

  • Snail craft – Make your own snail.  You can use any materials you wish but here are some ideas to help you:

I hope you have a thumbs up Thursday

See you soon

Ms Payne

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